Our 10 favourite Calvados of the month

Chosen by Whisky Exchange co-founder Sukhinder Singh and head buyer Dawn Davies MW

  • Avallen Calvados

    70cl / 40%

    5 (2 Reviews)

    Avallen Calvados

    Avallen – meaning 'apple tree' in the old Cornish language – is a modern Calvados, matured for two years in French oak casks creating a fresh, fruity character and apple-forward flavour. Created for use in a variety of cocktails, Avallen comes in a bartender-friendly lightweight bottle and features labels made from recycled apple pulp paper.

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    £48.93 per litre

  • Christian Drouin Selection Calvados

    70cl / 40%

    Christian Drouin Selection Calvados

    Christian Drouin's Selection Calvados is youthful and exceptionally fruity with notes of cinnamon, spice and apples. This works well in long drinks and cocktails.

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    £48.50 per litre

  • Pierre Huet Cordon Argent 20 Year Old Calvados

    70cl / 40%

    5 (1 Review)

    Pierre Huet Cordon Argent 20 Year Old Calvados

    Long-aged Calvados, matured for at least two decades in oak, this has tempting notes of tarte Tatin, candied apples and salted butter caramel along with spicy cloves, a touch of pepper and dried fruit. Beautifully balanced.

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    £150 per litre

  • Didier Lemorton 10 Year Old Domfrontais Calvados

    70cl / 40%

    Didier Lemorton 10 Year Old Domfrontais Calvados

    A delicious 10-year-old Calvados made by the Lemorton family, who are known for their fabulous pear-heavy spirits. This is made using around 70% pears and 30% apples, and has more intense aromas and a longer finish than its five-year-old brother. The ageing process takes place in oak casks on Lemorton's premises in the Domfrontais region of Calvados in Normandy.

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    £90.36 per litre

  • Michel Huard 2004 Calvados

    70cl / 40%

    Michel Huard 2004 Calvados

    Distilled in 2004 by Michel Huard and matured exclusively in French oak casks, this is a fruity, light Calvados with notes of tart green apples, caramel and nutmeg.

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    £94.21 per litre

  • Pere Magloire XO Pays D'Auge Calvados

    70cl / 40%

    Pere Magloire XO Pays D'Auge Calvados

    Pere Magloire is a Calvados house with a rich history. Established in 1821, by 1900 it was the number one selling Calvados brand in France. The XO is aged for at least a decade, this is rich and full-bodied with a long finish.

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    £86.79 per litre

  • Dupont VSOP Calvados

    70cl / 42%

    Dupont VSOP Calvados

    An elegant VSOP calvados from Dupont, aged for a minimum of 4 years in both new and old casks to give a balance of richness and mature spirit flavours.

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    £76.79 per litre

  • Michel Huard Hors d'Age Calvados

    70cl / 40%

    Michel Huard Hors d'Age Calvados

    Aged for 10 years (four more than the minimum for this type of Calvados), Michel Huard’s Hors d’Age is loaded with aromas of toffee apple, salted caramel and spice, with a peppery, spicy note on the palate. A great match with a cigar.

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    £75.64 per litre

  • Camut 12 Year Old Calvados

    70cl / 41%

    5 (3 Reviews)

    Camut 12 Year Old Calvados

    A 12 year old calvados from the house of Adrien Camut, growers of Pays d'Auge apples since the 1800s. Based in the village of La Lande-Saint-Léger, near the geographical centre of Normandy, their production is often found in the best restaurants in France.

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  • Morin 10 Years Old

    70cl / 42%

    Morin 10 Years Old

    A 10-year-old Calvados from Morin, this is elegant yet intensely fruity backed up with notes of tarte Tatin, coffee and vanilla.

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    £93.50 per litre