Our 10 favourite liqueurs of the month

  • Highland Nectar Scotch Whisky Liqueur

    50cl / 35%

    5 (7 Reviews)

    Highland Nectar Scotch Whisky Liqueur

    A sweet, spicy and versatile Highland whisky liqueur that is as delightful on its own as it is in a cocktail. Highland Nectar combines the distinctive character of Highland whisky with a characterful array of herbs, spices and fruit, including bitter orange, star anise, nutmeg, vanilla, ginger and cinnamon, to create a silky smooth liqueur with aromas of cinnamon-and-golden syrup biscuits, lemon, cloves, vanilla pods, honey, nutmeg and eucalyptus on the nose. The palate offers notes of boiled sweets, orange peel, garden herbs, ground allspice, crystallised ginger, star anise and maple syrup, leaving cinnamon, mulled chai cider and clove lingering in the finish.

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    • Cinnamon Cinnamon
    • Ginger Ginger
    • Clove Clove
    • Orange Orange
    • Nutmeg Nutmeg
    • Honey Honey


    £50.50 per litre

  • Distillerie de Grandmont Le Chemin Des Moines Liqueur

    70cl / 55%

    Distillerie de Grandmont Le Chemin Des Moines Liqueur

    Distillerie de Grandmont is located just outside of Limoges, France, where it reinvents old and forgotten flavours. This floral and herbal liqueur take its name from the French for ‘The Monks Path’ and displays notes of angelica, wildflowers, cut grass and fresh citrus on the palate with a silky texture and hints of smoky camphor on the palate. Try it with lime juice, gin and Maraschino in a riff on the classic Last Word cocktail.

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    £65.36 per litre

  • Mozart Chocolate Cream Liqueur

    50cl / 17%

    5 (24 Reviews)

    Mozart Chocolate Cream Liqueur

    A luxurious Austrian chocolate cream liqueur, Mozart Gold is guaranteed to set sweet-toothed souls' hearts a-flutter.

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    • Milk Chocolate Milk Chocolate
    • Cream Cream
    • Praline Praline
    • Vanilla Vanilla


    £37.50 per litre

  • Cointreau Liqueur

    70cl / 40%

    4.5 (5 Reviews)

    Cointreau Liqueur

    Classic crystal-clear liqueur - based on a blend of sweet and bitter orange peels. Cointreau's iconic square bottle can be found in virtually every bar in the world.

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    £36.43 per litre

  • Grand Marnier Cuvee Du Centenaire

    70cl / 40%

    5 (3 Reviews)

    Grand Marnier Cuvee Du Centenaire

    Introduced in 1927 to celebrate the company's 100th anniversary, the majority of the cognac used for Grand Marnier Cuvee du Centenaire is from the sought-after Fine Champagne region.

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    £185.71 per litre

  • King's Ginger Liqueur / Berry Bros & Rudd / Half Litre

    50cl / 29.9%

    3 (61 Reviews)

    King's Ginger Liqueur / Berry Bros & Rudd / Half Litre

    Now made in England at a lower strength, with the warmth provided by extra ginger in the recipe, this unique liqueur was created for King Edward VII to keep him warm on drives in his new open top Daimler car. The distinctive smooth ginger flavour is perfectly balanced by a pleasingly clean, dry finish.

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    • Ginger Ginger
    • Lemon Lemon


    £53.50 per litre

  • The Whistler Irish Whiskey Cream Liqueur

    70cl / 20%

    4 (2 Reviews)

    The Whistler Irish Whiskey Cream Liqueur

    This cream liqueur uses Irish pot still whiskey from Boann distillery at its base, creating depth and complexity. Aromas of milk chocolate, vanilla and light green apple fill the nose, leading to toffee and rich cream on the palate and a smooth and warming finish.

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    £40.36 per litre

  • Tosolini Saliza Amaretto Liqueur

    70cl / 28%

    Tosolini Saliza Amaretto Liqueur

    Saliza is made by the famous grappa producer Bepi Tosolini and is a cut above standard-issue amarettos with a delightful lightness and intense yet elegant marzipan flavours. This authentic Amaretto is a refined almond distillate, harmonious, natural and incredibly balanced.

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    £45.64 per litre

  • Sipsmith Sloe Gin

    50cl / 29%

    4.5 (8 Reviews)

    Sipsmith Sloe Gin

    One of Sipsmith's most successful releases – a sweet, fruity and complex sloe gin. Made from their award-winning gin and rather a lot of sloe berries it's a rich liqueur that's great for summer drinking on ice or nursing in front of the fire in winter.

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    • Marzipan Marzipan
    • Plums Plums


    £50.50 per litre

  • Amarula Fruit Cream Glass Set

    70cl / 17%

    5 (1 Review)

    Amarula Fruit Cream Glass Set

    A gift pack containing a bottle of Amarula fruit cream liqueur and a branded tumbler. Distilled from the fruit of the Marula tree, a native of the African plains, the spirit is matured for three years before being blended with cream.

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    £25.64 per litre