Our 10 favourite Vermouths of the month

Chosen by Whisky Exchange co-founder Sukhinder Singh and head buyer Dawn Davies MW

  • Turin Drapo Gran Riserva Vermouth

    75cl / 18%

    5 (2 Reviews)

    Turin Drapo Gran Riserva Vermouth

    Turin Vermouth's Drapo Gran Riserva is only produced in limited quantities each year. Aged in French oak for eight months, this is intensely spicy and works well either on the rocks as an aperitif or to add complexity and flavour to red-vermouth-based cocktails.

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    £23.67 per litre

  • Mulassano Barolo Chinato

    50cl / 17%

    Mulassano Barolo Chinato

    An aromatic Barolo Chinato from Mulassano, made by infusing Barolo wine with herbs such as China calissaja to create an aromatic, bitter drink that pairs well with dark chocolate.

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    £87.90 per litre

  • Forest Vermouth

    50cl / 20%

    Forest Vermouth

    Forest Vermouth is made from organic Malvasia wine and 52 herbs and spices. Aged for six months in ex-Sauternes and Pomerol casks, this is best served in a glass with ice and lemon zest.

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    £50.50 per litre

  • Mancino Secco Vermouth

    75cl / 18%

    Mancino Secco Vermouth

    A bottle of Mancino Secco Vermouth. Infused with 19 botanicals, this is herbaceous with a nutty and slightly bitter finish. This works best in a dry martini.

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    £29.27 per litre

  • Chazalettes Bianco della Regina Vermouth

    75cl / 16.5%

    5 (1 Review)

    Chazalettes Bianco della Regina Vermouth

    White vermouth with intense floral and fruit aromas, centred around Artemisia, sweet citrus, coriander, cardamom, rhubarb and angelica. This is named Vermouth della Regina (the Queen's vermouth) because Queen Margherita of Savoy - a big fan of this drink - granted Chazalettes the right to bear the Royal coat of arms in 1907.

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    £31.93 per litre

  • Belsazar Dry Vermouth

    75cl / 19%

    Belsazar Dry Vermouth

    A bottle of Belsazar Dry Vermouth – made using wines made in the Baden region of Germany, fortified with fruit eau de vie from legendary producer Schladerer, and flavoured with herbs including wormwood.

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    £30.60 per litre

  • The Savoy Dry Vermouth / Cocchi / Second Edition

    50cl / 18%

    5 (2 Reviews)

    The Savoy Dry Vermouth / Cocchi / Second Edition

    The second edition in a series of dry vermouths created through a collaboration between the Savoy Hotel and Cocchi. The first edition was based on a 1970s’ recipe and created to be the perfect ingredient in The Savoy Martini, as well as delicious on its own or over ice. This second edition, created by Maxime Schulte (Head Bartender, American Bar) and Elon Soddu (Head Bartender, Beaufort Bar), is drier and more floral than the first edition. This makes it delicious not only in a Martini but also as a left-field pairing for oysters. Cocchi Savoy Vermouth di Torino Dry, Second Edition, has been granted the protected 'Vermouth di Torino' status, a badge of both quality and the authenticity of its origins.

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    £79.90 per litre

  • Regal Rogue Wild Rose Vermouth

    50cl / 16.5%

    5 (2 Reviews)

    Regal Rogue Wild Rose Vermouth

    Regal Rogue's Wild Rosé Vermouth is full of tropical fruit flavours with native Australian illawara plums, strawberry gum and rosella. This is deliciously refreshing and works particular well in a spritzer or long with tonic water.

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    £33.50 per litre

  • Turin Drapo Rosso Vermouth

    75cl / 16%

    Turin Drapo Rosso Vermouth

    Turin Vermouth's Drapo Rosso is intense and fruity with floral hints. This can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a range of cocktails that call for red vermouth.

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    £18.33 per litre

  • Mulassano Vermouth Bianco

    75cl / 17%

    Mulassano Vermouth Bianco

    An aromatic, bitter vermouth bianco, bottled exclusively for the Café Mulassano in Turin.

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    £30.60 per litre