We believe you have a right to know how your drinks are made, and what the making of them means for the environment and society that helps create them. As such we’re adding to the information we provide about each bottle, and making it easy to shop for drinks that align with your values. You can explore each category below, as well as learn more about how the world of drinks is striving to be ever more sustainable.

Our Sustainability Commitments

As a retailer that’s passionate about everyone playing their part to reduce environmental impact, improve the health of the planet and create resilient communities, we have two important commitments. The first is to champion producers who are leading the way in terms of sustainability, both so that drinkers can make informed choices and that others can be inspired to follow in their footsteps. Second, and just as important, is a commitment to holding a magnifying glass up to our own business and improving our practices wherever we can. We’re far from perfect, yet, but we want to be.

How to Shop Sustainably

We’ve created categories for each accreditation relevant to sustainability, from organic and biodynamic to carbon-neutral and B-Corporation. Alongside these we’ve also created collections of drinks made by producers who are doing great things which are of tangible benefit yet don’t fall under a specific certification scheme — everything from sourcing sustainably to supporting their local communities. Some drinks, quite wonderfully, will appear in multiple collections, and you can learn more about each category below.

Sustainability heroes

Sustainability has become a buzzword in recent years but for many drinks brands it’s long been a way of life. We’re featuring a rotating snapshot of what a few companies are doing on this page, and are very proud to be part of an industry which is constantly innovating to produce the best drinks in the most planet-positive way.


Islay’s Bruichladdich distillery became the first in Scotland to achieve certification as a B-Corporation, meaning that they passed a rigorous assessment of their environmental and social credentials and have committed to set levels of transparency and accountability in future. Not only does Bruichladdich have a number of initiatives to boost biodiversity and reduce waste, but it has also created The Botanist Foundation, an organisation devoted to preserving the flora, wildlife and people of Islay.


Nc’Nean is a young, independent organic whisky distillery that has been making a name for itself as much through its commitment to sustainability as through its exciting and innovative spirits. The distillery uses 100% renewable energy in all its operations and produces just 27.5 tonnes of CO2 per annum which, when added to all the emissions produced by its supply chain, is less than one return plane journey from London to New York. Nc’Nean partners with Highland Carbon to offset their small amount of carbon emissions, meaning that overall they remove more emissions from the atmosphere than they produce while making whisky.


Since launching in 2019, Avallen Calvados has removed more than 40 metric tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. Each bottle sold is carbon negative by 2.73kg, all achieved during production without the need for external offsetting. The brand is a member of One Percent For the Planet which contributes to green causes around the world and also donates to a series of charities working to protect our bees.