Father's Day 2021: Cheers to Dad Father's Day 2021: Cheers to Dad Father's Day 2021: Cheers to Dad

For many of us, our dads have been a bastion of support over the last year - whether up-close, or from a distance. This month might mark the first time we've been able to say cheers over a glass for quite some time, and we think it's a moment worth celebrating. So whether you're sharing a drink in person or sending one from afar, say 'cheers!' to your dad this Fathers Day - and let us help you find the perfect bottle.

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Not only can you say 'cheers, dad!', but your bottle can, too. Create a bottle unique to your dad - choose from our wide selection and add your own finishing touch with our personalised labels and engraving services.

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A Little Help From The Whisky Exchange Team

The world of drinks, to the uninitiated, can appear a maze of specialist terminology and seemingly arcane knowledge. Whether you want to learn a bit more about what you're getting your dad this Father's Day ‐ or just surprise him with a new-found knowledge of whisky flavour profiles ‐ our collection of videos below will help with gift inspiration and expand your drinks vocabulary.