A sherry-aged Speyside 16-year-old that you won't find anywhere else – or at any other time.

Speyside Single Malt - 16-year-old Sherry Cask
Speyside Single Malt
70cl | 54% £59.95 BOTTLES REMAINING:
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Sorry that you missed out on our Black Friday bottling. While we knew how good the whisky was, we could never have predicted just how popular it would be. Keep your eyes peeled for more special surprises in the future...

Sherry is the
new black

This Black Friday we're proud to present an exclusive whisky that celebrates the pleasure and value we look for in a great dram. This is a sherry-aged Speyside 16-year-old that you won't find anywhere else – or at any other time.

We've hand-picked one special sherry cask from a family-owned distillery somewhere in the wilds of Speyside and filled it into 582 commemorative Black Friday bottles. We've bottled it at the strength that we believe represents the peak of its flavour and texture.

This stunning single malt made us smile when we first tried it, and we're convinced that you'll love it, too. It's the perfect excuse to treat yourself, or to introduce someone to the joys of whisky.




Nose Dark and foreboding meets light and zesty in an explosive collision – a slab of rich fruit cake topped with a slice of zingy lemon drizzle. Spicy apple pies studded with sugared raisins backed up by prunes and dates. Just when you think it's all getting a bit weighty, a handful of Gummy Bears drops in, accompanied by freshly split vanilla pods and a touch of sweet liquorice.

Palate A riot of flavour: Eccles cakes and stewed raisins to one side, spicy pastry to the other. Liquorice and bitter barrel char tussle in a corner. But the darkness is beaten back by zesty citrus and sweet fruit. Candied lemon floats over the top, dragging a string of apples and plums through a sea of dried fruit. Plums become prunes and demerara sugar covers everything.

Finish The Gummy Bears re-emerge before being crushed by sweet and sticky raisins, prunes and a generous handful of Christmas spice. As the dust clears, a bowl of apples, pears and plums remain.

Comment A careful balance of dark and light, celebrating rich sherry spice while keeping an eye on a more fresh and fruity character. It'll leave a smile on your face.