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Black Friday Whisky 2019





1800 Bottles
Limited Edition

A gentle, fragrant and well-aged dram from a Speyside distillery between Forres and Elgin, this whisky is as rounded and mellow, as fruitful and fresh as autumn itself. Bottled for today only and exclusive to The Whisky Exchange.

A whisky to make you smile on Black Friday.

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OUT OF STOCK Sorry that you missed out on our Black Friday bottling. Scroll down for more seasonal exclusives at The Whisky Exchange.

Black Friday Whisky 2019
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Black Friday Whisky 2019
Mellow Fruitfulness

We’re very proud of all the Black Friday whiskies we’ve bottled so far, and this is no exception: we’re delighted to present a third exclusive, one-off Black Friday single malt, bottled just for us by Elixir Distillers.

To celebrate Black Friday 2019, we've vatted together a handful of outstanding, refill bourbon hogsheads from a secret Speyside gem. Founded in 1810, the distillery is known for its light and elegant style, and the whisky produced there is rarely seen as a single malt – this exclusive bottling shows why it’s a whisky that’s close to our hearts.

Soft yet zesty, with a substantial, slightly-oily mouthfeel, this beautifully autumnal single malt brings to bear all the fruit and ripeness for which Speyside whisky is best known – a dram showcasing the brighter side of Black Friday.

Black Friday Whisky 2019
Tasting Notes

From Billy Abbott (The Whisky Exchange)

  • Nose Vanilla cream poured over a big bowl of fruit salad – mango, pineapple, guava, papaya and Granny Smith apples. Lemon drizzle cake and white chocolate buttons follow, all balanced by a deep scrape of lime zest with a touch of pith.
  • Palate The cream’s back, with even more fruit behind it, all piled up in a polished oak bowl. The guava and apples lead, with more tropical fruit hiding under a layer of leafy mint and tarragon. Peach and apricot notes build, with spicy cinnamon and brown sugar crumble topping.
  • Finish Soft spice and brown sugar linger, with apples and vanilla cream slowly re-emerging from under the crumble.
  • Comment It’s a slowly building autumn dessert, spanning the orchard and tropical sides of the grocer’s fruit aisle. A sprinkle of crumbly topping brings it all together into a sweet and fruity whole.
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      Bottled for today only and exclusive to The Whisky Exchange, you can also buy the Black Friday 2019 Whisky with a textured purple gift tube.

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