Christmas decoration
Christmas decoration
A Fine Christmas Malt

Exclusive to The Whisky Exchange

Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 17 Years

1800 Bottles

58.7% ABV / 70cl


Fetching Price

For the nights before Christmas,
when snug in your house,
Or, carefully wrapped,
‘neath the tree for your spouse.
A Christmas Malt
that’s been selected with care,
From a Speyside distillery,
though we can’t tell you where.

The Whisky Exchange has selected a special Christmas single malt for 2018 that you won't find anywhere else. It’s the perfect winter dram, full of festive sherry-cask flavour – just the thing for enjoying with family and friends this Christmas.

There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good whisky.
–with apologies to Charles Dickens

Maximum 6 bottles per customer

Christmas Malt
Tasting notes
As a great man once said: “It’s Christmaaas!” – that pretty much describes this. It starts with a Christmas stocking of flavour, with caramels and toffees at the top, a bag of chocolate raisins in the middle, and apples and oranges by the time you’ve dug down to the heel. That’s followed by dessert and digestifs: redcurrant jelly is cleared away ready for Christmas pudding and all the accoutrements. Rich and raisiny, with brandy butter and a dusting of cinnamon and nutmeg. There’s a glass of port for afters, with buttery mince pies and maybe a slice of left-over pud, cold and sticky. After all of that, there’s a hint of damp leaves and earth – did someone knock the Christmas tree over again?
Thick, rounded and rich. Buttery spice and plump, sugary dried fruit kick things off, with a fruit bowl of apples and oranges as a nod to healthiness and balance. Christmas pudding settles down to be rich Christmas cake, with chewy fruit and nuts – prettily-arranged Dundee cake almonds, freshly cracked walnuts, dates and stewed plums. Someone’s slipped some Florentines onto the plate: glacé cherries, syrupy nuts and crisp chocolate. Savoury notes hide under the cake stand, with toasted oak, singed raisins and a touch of bitter char.
Sticky cherries and raisins burst across the palate, slowly fading to leave festive spice, and a hint of holly-wreath leafiness and Christmas-tree pine.
Christmas can come more than once a year – just have another sip.

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      • 5
        22 January

        Bought this for my son to enjoy at Christmas. He thought it was exceptional. Here's hoping you will be bringing out another superb Christmas special this coming year.

      • 5
        19 January

        Very nice and even at 58.7% there's so much flavour without having to mess about adding water. In my opinion it got even more complex and enjoyable after 2 weeks of being opened.

      • 5
        18 January

        Beautiful cask strength scotch, would definitely recommend with ice or water to release the flavours. The tasting notes are spot on - this really is Christmas in a bottle.

      • 5
        1 January

        Excellent whisky

      • 4
        31 December 2018

        Undiluted – especially to those unaccustomed to cask-strength whisky – this might easily come off as overly-spicy; almost prickly, and difficult to decipher. Add some water, though (be generous, it can handle plenty) and it becomes ripe, fruity, soft and accessible.

      • 5
        27 December 2018

        An absolute beauty of a dram enjoyed over the Christmas period & worth every penny. Unfortunately too late to get my hands on another bottle. Fingers crossed next years is every bit as good

      • 1
        26 December 2018

        Bought this for my dad for Xmas. He didn’t like it at all, said it’s very harsh and worse than any blended brand he’s tasted in the past. Couldn’t drink it. Very disappointing.

      • 5
        25 December 2018

        A warming whisky that lingers on the pallet. Have had a glass on the go all day. Fabulous Christmas tipple.

      • 5
        24 December 2018

        A wonderful dram for the holidays. I am ordering another for next Christmas now.

      • 5
        20 December 2018

        Not tried it yet keeping it for Christmas Day, but it looks good I’m sure it will taste great. I love all whiskey to be honest! Thanks TWE – always easy to deal with and super fast delivery as always.

      • 5
        16 December 2018

        Beautiful whiskey, well worth the price!

      • 4
        16 December 2018

        Disappointed by presenting without a box. Yet a great dream for the season. Irresistible.

      • 5
        14 December 2018

        Have almost finished my first bottle and have ordered another. This is a first class malt and I've not added any water. Sitting beside a log fire sipping this wonderful dram is just the perfect Christmas. Hoping that TWE continue this on an annual basis.

      • 4
        13 December 2018

        There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good whisky.

      • 4
        13 December 2018

        A fine Christmas Malt 2018 – this is what you think of as Christmas, it smells and taste like Christmas. I highly recommend this single malt.

      • 4
        13 December 2018

        Bought as a Christmas gift for my husband. Was a little disappointed it arrived without a presentation box or tin which would've made it extra special. Hope the taste makes up for it when my hubby opens the bottle!

      • 5
        12 December 2018

        The body is thick, but not too hard. Taste sweet, but not too heavy, rich sherry with matured orange marmalade, quite balanced. When I've added a drop of tap water, its typical character popped up. With the presentation, I can easily imagine warming myself at a stove witha gentle flame. This is "The Christmas Malt", indeed. Cheers and happy Christmas from Japan.

      • 4
        4 December 2018

        Glenfarclas is always good & the price in relation to a “Family Casks” edition at Cask Strength is not bad at all Point 88-89/100 points.

      • 5
        3 December 2018

        Tthanks for this great Christmas malt, Whisky Exchange! Definitely Christmas in a bottle. Highly recommend!

      • 5
        2 December 2018

        I brought two bottles of this beautiful dram one to drink and the other added to my whisky collection, I must say: wow, it tastes as delicious as it looks. And that 58.7% abv sure does help. Each sip definitely is the taste of Christmas.

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