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Single pot still is Ireland's signature style of whiskey. Unlike single malt, this unique spirit is made with both malted and unmalted barley – a combination that makes for delicious whiskies filled with rich fruit and spice. The Spot series, from Midleton distillery in county Cork, offers some of the finest examples of pot still whiskey available today. From the iconic Green Spot with its fresh fruit and delicate spices to the rich, intense Blue Spot, each one is a fascinating dram with its own story to tell.

Gold Spot

70cl / 46%


The latest addition to the Gold Spot series is a 13-year-old whiskey that continues to champion the use of wine casks in aging whiskey. Initially matured in a mix of bourbon and sherry casks, it was then aged in Valpolicella Riciotto wine casks from Italy for 16 months, resulting in added layers of red fruit, berry compote and sweet oak that complement Gold Spot’s subtle spice notes.

Green Spot

70cl / 40%


The original Spot, Green Spot was first produced in 1805 and has become one of Ireland’s most iconic whiskies.

A delicious combination of spicy single pot still whiskies aged between seven and 10 years, aged in both bourbon and sherry casks. The result is layers of orchard fruit and malty barley aromas on the nose, complemented by notes of green apples, toasted oak, dried fruit and baking spices throughout the palate and lingering into the finish.

Blue Spot 7 Year Old

70cl / 59.1%


A cask-strength addition to the line-up, Blue Spot has spent no less that seven years in a combination of bourbon barrels, sherry butts and Portuguese Madeira casks. The result is a powerful whiskey with notes of banana bread, tropical fruit and toasted nuts.

Yellow Spot 12 Year Old

70cl / 46%


A rich and luxurious dram that combines whiskies matured in American-oak bourbon barrels, sherry butts and Spanish Malaga wine casks. This is a complex whiskey, with notes of buttered toast, grape jam, nutmeg, lemon zest and stewed apples throughout the palate.

Red Spot 15 Year Old

70cl / 46%


Enticingly rich and spicy, Red Spot is crafted from an old recipe handed down through the Mitchell & Son family since the early 1900s, exploring the influence of bourbon, sherry and Marsala wine casks. The result is a full-bodied dram with aromas of baked apple, mango, black cherry and hazelnut on the nose, followed by juicy fruit, cracked black pepper, sweet barley and toasted oak on the palate.

About Spot Whiskey

One of the oldest names in pot still whiskey that is still about today, the Spots were born in the 1920s at Mitchell & Son wine merchants in Dublin. The Mitchells would lay down casks from Jameson's nearby Bow Street distillery and mark them with a spot of coloured paint to indicate how long they were to age. A blue spot indicated seven years' maturation, a green spot 10, a yellow spot 12, and a red spot 15 years. Distilling has long-since ceased at Bow Street, but the Spot whiskies live on as testament to the enduring appeal of Irish pot still whiskey.