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Ciroc Mango Vodka Engraving

70cl / 37.5% £42.50 (£60.71 per litre, includes £10 for engraving)
  • Ciroc Mango Vodka Presentation
  • Ciroc is known for its range of flavoured vodkas. This is a combination of spirit made from Ugni Blanc grapes and creamy Carabao mango. A deliciously fruity flavoured vodka that can be enjoyed over ice or in cocktails.

Ciroc Mango Vodka

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  • Mango Mango
  • Papaya Papaya
  • Lemon Lemon

Tasting Notes
from the Producer

  • Ciroc Mango has the deliciously smooth taste of creamy Carabao mango with undertones of tangy citrus and other tropical flavours.
  • It brings an irresistible flavour to all cocktails, creating a sophisticated drink experience.
Ciroc Mango Bottle