Focus On: The People of Cognac

  • Baptiste Loiseau

    Baptiste Loiseau

    'I was born in the Charente. While growing up I spent a lot of time with my maternal grandparents who were gardeners, discovering the world of soil, terroir, wine and grape harvests. It was my further studies, my family and my meetings with distillers that brought me back to Cognac and I haven't looked back'

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  • Eric Forget

    Eric Forget

    'Cognac is the king of brandy. There are four key elements: the terroir, the distillation, the wood and the blending. And remember: the quality of Cognac is not linked with age'

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  • Fanny Fougerat

    Fanny Fougerat

    'Cognac is to defend a vision, to speak of a terroir, and to express identities by wine and distillation'

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  • Paul Jean Giraud

    Paul Jean Giraud

    'We are an old family in our small village of Bouteville, living there since 1635. Cognac is the life of many generations in our family farm situated in Grande Champagne'

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  • Patrice Piveteau

    Patrice Piveteau

    'Cognac refers to elegance and finesse. The habits of consumption nowadays are various and not limited to a digestif. But the most important thing for me is that Cognac means friendliness and sharing a glass'

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Cognac Facts

Cognac is mainly distilled from wine made with the Ugni Blanc grape There are 6,000 growers in Cognac, supplying grapes and eau-de-vie to producers Cognac categories indicate the ageing period: VS = Very Special (minimum 2 years), VSOP = Very Superior Old Pale (min 4 years), XO = Extra Old (min 6 years) It takes 10 litres of wine to produce 1 litre of eau-de-vie for Cognac
The most expensive Cognac is an 1858 Cuvée Léonie from Croizet, which sold for £101,000 in 2011 14 million litres of Cognac are lost each year to the angel's share (by evaporation) The Cognac region is divided into six Crus - the two finest are Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne Cognac brands Rémy Martin, Courvoisier and Hennessy have all been namechecked in hip-hop tracks