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Height of Arrows

The great gin boom of the 21st century shows no sign of slowing as the world remains thirsty for juniper. At the Whisky Exchange, we’ve always prided ourselves on finding the best spirits for our customers – so we’ve assembled a panel of experts to determine the Gin of the Year 2022.

This year’s shortlist contains modern interpretations of classic styles and boundary-pushing new innovations. We think the winning entry, Height of Arrows, represents a fresh way of looking at gin – a pared-back approach that reminds us what the category is all about.

Height of Arrows Gin

Scottish Gin

Height of Arrows Gin

70cl / 43%

Gin Of The Year
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Juniper takes centre stage in this minimalist gin from Holyrood Distillery in Edinburgh. The sole botanical is distilled with salt and beeswax for a full-bodied spirit with great depth and complexity. An exciting direction for gin.

Fresh aromas of pine needle and lemon show immediately on the nose as does a soft lime zest character that emerges over time. The gin itself is oily and mouth-coating with woody herbs and earthy peppercorns in the finish.


  • Coriander seedCoriander seed
  • White PepperWhite Pepper
  • EucalyptusEucalyptus
  • Orange Orange
  • Mixed HerbMixed Herb
  • PinePine


Holyrood Distillery

For Height of Arrows, the team at Holyrood distillery took inspiration from single malt whisky and the multitude of flavours it derives from just a few simple ingredients. The name of the gin is a reference to Arthur’s Seat, the ancient – and thankfully extinct – volcano at the heart of the Scottish capital. The low peak is the site of a fortification that once offered vantage and protection to the city’s early inhabitants – hence, the height of arrows.

Holyrood distillery came online in an old railway goods shed in 2019. When he’s not making gin, manager Marc Watson is hard at work filling casks with new make spirit. Once mature, it will emerge as the first single malt whisky made in Edinburgh for nearly a century. If Height of Arrows is anything to go by, this is definite cause for excitement.

The Shortlist

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Think you know your London dry from your Old Tom? This pack offers you the chance to be a gin judge, to sample the shortlist and to decide if you agree with our panel of experts. We’d love to know what you think!

Of the Year 2022 Winners Collection

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