TWE Exclusive

15 Year Old
103° Proof

70cl | 58.6%

In November 2013, we chose Glenfarclas 15 Year Old as our Whisky of the Year. In honour of this, we spoke to Glenfarclas about creating a Whisky Exchange exclusive edition. We decided on a different approach to the classic 15 Year Old:

our exclusive edition is bottled at cask strength – 58.6% abv (103° proof in old money).

Glenfarclas 15 Year Old
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    Tasting Notes

    An explosion in a spice factory. A swathe of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, followed by boozy sultanas and hot-cross-bun dough, then a clean note of barley and honeyed fruit.

    If you're feeling brave, you can try this neat, but a drop of water would be sensible – do so, and you're rewarded with rich, spicy fruit cake, balanced by earthy liquorice and a backbone of classy oak.

    The boozy fruit and rich spices fight it out.

    Intense, with sherry-soaked raisins, Madeira cake, sweet nutmeg spice, orange peel and a hint of butterscotch all present.

    Big, bold, warming and spicy, with a rich Moscatel-sherry-like texture. Spicy notes of liquorice, clove and oak intermingle with dates, prunes and a hint of sweet honey.

    Long and intense, with the clove lingering.

    Glenfarclas 15 Year Old with Box
    • 5
      28 August 2020

      A typical Glenfarclas dram. Rich and smooth. Recommend

    • 5
      5 January 2019

      Top shelf Glenfarclas. Buy buy buy it!!

    • 5
      7 November 2018

      Wonderfully rich with a peppery note. A real winter treat. Treat it with care though, a few drops of water will open in up and reveal tasty fruitcake and spices. Just buy it!

    • 4
      10 August 2018

      Very good, but it can’t compete with the Glendronach from 1995 wich I bought from The Whisky Exchange

    • 4
      14 July 2018

      Got this as a gift for 15 years service - come with some nice engraving on the side of the bottle. A lovely drop and for me, I do need just a little water added. As I've gotten older the stronger drinks are agreeing with me less & less!

    • 5
      11 June 2018

      This is probably the best 15yo I`ve ever had. So very smooth and drinkable. And lots of taste. Just had to buy a few extra bottles.

    • 5
      18 May 2018

      Recently bought this excellent Malt. It is very strong and benefits with a little water. A Great whisky.

    • 4
      12 November 2017

      Easy to forget strength of this, as very smooth with added water.Not sure how it compares to 105,but overall another great product from Glenfsrclas!!??

    • 4
      22 June 2017

      It's a perfect whisky, astonishing, rich taste. Congrats for this great single malt. For me the best ever!

    • 4
      27 December 2016

      Maybe the most challenging single malt I have ever encountered. I dont mean a bad way: this is basicly sulfur free. This one should be decanted at least 3-4 times and it takes lot of water. I added couple of tea spoon of water to 4 cl and let it rest at least 30 min. This a herbal style sherried Glenfarclas, a very unusual speysider in any terms. Not the best Glenfarclas I have had, but surely the most interesting one...

    • 4
      23 September 2016

      A nice whisky. I prefer this by a hair over the standard 17yo. They're similar, but the 15 cask strength is more immediate and exciting. It reminds you that it's 100 proof whisky without being offensive about it.

    • 5
      11 November 2015

      Very very good, a sherry monster at its best, sweet and fruity yet balance is achieved! an this comes from an islay peat-head

    • 3
      8 March 2015

      I didn''t find this one that much better than the regular 15. It was quite good and had no flaws but somehow I doubt I''ll be buying a second bottle now that the first is almost gone.

    • 5
      4 March 2015

      What an amazing whisky for this price. Great balance between the Oak and the mature spirit. Classic Glenfarclas flavours with that little bit extra. This is what Cask Strength should taste like. A must Try..... Well done Whisky Exchange and Glenfarclas. Should try this on the 21yr old.

    • 5
      4 February 2015

      This is perfect whisky- especially in cold winter weather like this- a balance of lush fruits and dry oak- what a nose too.. so much going on, light and balanced on the tongue with long and crisp ginger finish- fabulous

    • 5
      4 December 2014

      Balanced sherry, baking spices and coffee cake - fantastic stuff. Drink neat (little boozy) or takes a drop of water well.

    • 5
      3 December 2014

      Glenfarclas use peated malt sometimes,it''s definitely there. Try it next to something like Auchentoshan,you will notice the difference.

    • 4
      3 December 2014

      Mmm this is really nice. Spicy sweetness is the key words here. Heavily sherried, but not in a heavy unctuous way. It''s a lighter body sherry, very spicy style. Beautifully rich fruit cake that someone has doubled up the spices. Nice touch of bergamot tea in the finish. Go get some! Absolutely no peat that I can detect. Billy''s A''s review is pretty bang on.

    • 5
      30 November 2014

      This is a little different from the standard 15. Slightly less sherry influence,but loads of honey,citrus and nutty notes. The tasting notes state no peat,but I definitely get a little,which helps to round of the dram beautifully. It also benefits from a little dash of water!


    Glenfarclas has the distinction of being one of the oldest family-owned distilleries in Scotland. The distillery was bought by John and George Grant back in 1865 and to this day, their descendants still run it. Another John and George Grant, father and son, are now the fifth and sixth generations to lead the team. With the distillery owned by the same family, they can more easily look to the future.

    A strong focus on tradition allied with a fresh look from each generation allows the distillery to adapt to the times, while still producing some of Speyside's finest Scotch whisky, combining traditional techniques with modern technology.

    The Stills

    Bucking the trend across Scotland, the Glenfarclas team still directly fire their stills, which creates a rich and heavy spirit that is well suited to long ageing. This is not without cost, because using gas flame rather than more modern steam coils slowly burns away the copper of the pot stills, which leads to more frequent repairs and replacement. However, this close attention to detail really shows itself in the character of the spirit, and is easily enough to justify the extra expense.

    The Warehouse

    The casks are all stored at the distillery, with Glenfarclas's traditional dunnage-style warehouses the perfect place to age single malt Scotch whisky. With earthen floors and even temperatures, the casks are left to slowly mature and pick up the distillery's characteristic flavours. Rich, sweet and heavy – the trademarks of long-aged sherry-cask whisky – as well as lighter and fruitier spirit both run through their range, giving Glenfarclas the ability to tailor make each expression to show off different elements of the distillery's character.