Glen Scotia

To everything there is a season

The perfect dram for a cold winter’s evening. This limited-edition single malt from the venerable Glen Scotia is finished for 12 months in rich amontillado sherry casks. Un-peated and bottled at cask strength, it shows all the weight and coastal minerality we’ve come to expect from the distillery combined with notes of caramel, toasted nuts and baking spices. One to sip and share.

Glen Scotia 12 Year Old Seasonal Release

70cl / 53.3%

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    • Nose

      Orange oil, baked apples, nougat, yoghurt and salty bone-dry sherry bringing toasted almonds, old leather, and a little dried fruit. With water a waxy note of snuffed candle emerges.

    • Palate

      Salted caramel and a hint of vanilla, sultanas, and pipe tobacco, black olives, hazelnuts, veal stock, air-dried ham and a glass of well-aged amontillado.

    • Finish

      Long and dry with a prickly of oak spice.


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  • CaramelCaramel
  • CinnamonCinnamon
  • NutmegNutmeg
  • Honey Honey
  • Salt (powder)Salt (powder)
  • Vanilla Vanilla

A toast to Campbeltown

The capital of whisky

In its Victorian heyday, Campbeltown was home to a thriving whisky industry with more than 20 distilleries operating in the wee toon. When the market collapsed in the 1920s, Glen Scotia was one of only two to survive, supported all the way by the tight-knit community that surrounded it. With these seasonal releases, Glen Scotia raises a glass to the people of Campbeltown.

The giftbox in which this single malt is presented features the Campbeltown Cross. This stone monument has stood in the town since the 14th century, serving as a market cross and meeting place for its people.

Explore the Range

Glen Scotia is a small but versatile distillery, capable of producing a range of different styles of whisky. It’s core range showcases many facets of Campbeltown malt, from the richly peated Victoriana to the fruity and complex 25-year-old.

Get to know Glen Scotia

Est. 1832

Scotia distillery was born in the first Scottish whisky boom, shortly after the 1823 Excise Act. A survivor of the difficult years that saw almost all of Campbeltown’s distilleries fall silent, Glen Scotia held fast into the 20th century. It developed a versatile range of makes, producing spirit in different styles to suit the needs of blenders. After enduring more hard times in the 1980s, Glen Scotia emerged into the 21st century where demand for robust, idiosyncratic Campbeltown malt has exploded.

Riding high on its newfound recognition, the distillery has shored up an impressive core range and release a number of seasonal expressions to great acclaim, including a series of highly sought-after bottlings for the Campbeltown Malts Festival.