The home of Jamaican Funk

The home of Jamaican Funk

There are many great distilleries in the Caribbean, but there is only one Hampden. Beloved by fans, the rum produced there is often liked to charred pineapple, rotting banana, and occasionally also olive brine and tar.

This complex set of flavours – known collectively as ‘funk’ or ‘hogo’ – can be an acquired taste, but once the acquiring’s done, you’ll have no doubt that this is one of the world’s great spirits.

The Great House

Jamaican rum’s heritage

The old Hampden Sugar Estate has been in business since the 1750s, growing cane in the fertile soils of Trelawney Parish. One of only two producers on the island without a modern column still, the double retorts there are built to concentrate the intense flavours created during a unique fermentation regime. A process rum writer Matt ‘Cocktail Wonk’ Pietrek once described as ‘downright frightening.’

Acid, muck and dunder

Honestly, it’s delicious

At Hampden, the workers blend fermented molasses and fresh cane juice with a complex soup of organic acids and the by-products of previous distillations - known respectively as muck and dunder. While it may not sound appetizing, the centuries-old accumulation of bacteria and chemicals is responsible for Hampden’s distinctive tropical fruit funkiness.

Marques of Quality

The many faces of Hampden

From the wooden vats and copper stills of Hampden come a variety of different spirit styles – or ‘marques’ – each of which has different concentrations of esters, the building blocks of flavour. These range in potency from the bright and clean to the astonishingly funky. By blending marques, Hampden creates a range of rums that balance power with depth and nuance.

The Hampden Estate Range

Each of these bottles offers a different angle on this one-of-a-kind distillery character. The flagship eight-year-old – created in collaboration with Italian bottler Habitation Velier – sums up perfectly what Hampden is all about. Adventurous rum fans will also find lots to enjoy in the un-aged and intensely flavoursome Rum Fire.

Win a trip to Jamaica

By drinking delicious rum

The Whisky Exchange has teamed up with Visit Jamaica to offer a once-in-a-life-time trip to learn about Jamaican history, culture and distilleries. To be in with a chance to win, just buy a selected bottle of rum – including any official bottling of Hampden – before 31 August 2022.