Karuizawa - The Emerald Geishas

The Emerald Geishas
Single Cask Japanese Whiskies

Bottled by Elixir Distillers exclusively for The Whisky Exchange

Your chance to buy the world's rarest whisky

Karuizawa's whiskies are legendary. Not only are they of sublime quality, but the distillery's closure almost 20 years ago means that they are rarer than emeralds.

These exclusive single-cask bottlings augment the Karuizawa character in distinct ways: one adding sweet notes of raisin, mint and plum; the other layering vanilla and spiced butter around the Karuizawa core.

Sherry Cask: 33yo, 54.4%, 170 bottles

Bourbon Cask: 35yo, 59.1%, 265 bottles

Due to the limited numbers available, we will be allocating this rare whisky by ballot.

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Karuizawa 33 Years Old Sherry Cask #8908

33 Years Old
Sherry Cask #8908

size strength

Tasting Notes

Up front are caramel-covered oak boards, a dusting of nutmeg and piney juniper, and flamed orange zest. Digestive biscuits and cheesecloth peek out from the sides, balancing rich earthiness and damp tree bark. Crackling autumn leaves and temple incense smoulder like an old bonfire.
Intense raisin and plum sweetness burst out of the glass, balanced by crunchy autumn leaves. Green oak and dried twigs snap together and a gently mentholated note floats through the middle. Sugary dried fruit develops, along with vanilla sauce and bittersweet spiced chocolate. Water adds layers of spiced and baked apple: fruity and rich with carefully matched sweet and tart notes.
Soft, old-oak spiciness and char fades to reveal sweet apple sauce and crunchy sliced pear.
Karuizawa 35 Years Old Bourbon Cask #8518

35 Years Old
Bourbon Cask #8518

size strength

Tasting Notes

Caramel wafers in a cloud of incense – savoury, perfumed and sweet perfectly balanced. Sultanas follow, with oaky spice: nutmeg, cinnamon sticks and freshly sawn damp oak. Autumnal flavours of leaves and fragrant forests build, with a side order of sweet and spicy vanilla, and sweet butter. A drop of water dampens the incense and brings out subtle tropical fruit: pineapple and mango.
Spiced butter leads, with cinnamon and anise heat rolling in behind alongside sticky vanilla and caramel. Sharp apple bursts through but is tempered by bitter char and toffee sweetness. Savoury turmeric notes and incense build through the sweetness. Water tones down the buttery hit at the front of the palate, and reveals layers of spice and fruit: banana, menthol and ripe apples.
Soft apple fades to char and sweet woody spice. Earthy rancio lingers long at the back of the palate, slowly sweetening.
Karuizawa Emerald Geishas

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The ballot for The Karuizawa Emerald Geishas is now closed. If you have already entered, we will let you know whether you were successful as soon as possible.

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Terms and Conditions

    • winners of the Karuizawa ballot will be offered the chance to purchase one bottle of either Karuizawa Emerald Geisha 33yo Sherry Cask #8908 or Karuizawa Emerald Geisha 35yo Bourbon Cask #8518
    • only one entry per person. Multiple entries will be ignored
    • each entry can be for either one of the two bottles or for both
    • each winner can only purchase one bottle – once a person's name has been drawn as a winner, they will not be drawn as a winner for the other bottle
    • the ballot will close at 11.59pm on Sunday 4 February 2018
    • the first round of draws will take place on Monday 5 February 2018
    • ballot winners will be contacted with details of how to purchase their bottle. Non-winners will receive confirmation that they have not been selected in the first round
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