Malt of the Month: February 2017

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The Whisky Exchange Malt of the Month – Bowmore The Devil's Casks III
The Whisky Exchange Malt of the Month – Bowmore The Devil's Casks III

The Devil's Casks III

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The final edition in Bowmore's The Devil's Casks trilogy, this has been aged entirely in sherry casks, creating a rich and intense whisky that combines notes of coffee, salted treacle and chocolate fudge with the distillery's characteristic medium smoke. A superb example of the popular combination of peated spirit and sherry-cask ageing.


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Tasting Notes

Glass of Bowmore The Devil's Casks III Glass of Bowmore The Devil's Casks III

From the producer

  • Nose: A wave of rich, dark, exotic fruits, including sultanas, mangos and raisins, fused with earthy angelica root and treacle toffee.
  • Palate: Smooth, rounded taste of dates, chocolate fudge and salted treacle, warmed by orange-laced Aruba coffee.
  • Finish: Powerful and long lasting with notes of smoked fruit cake, blood orange and sea salt.



    About Bowmore

    Bowmore Bowmore

    In 1779, Bowmore became the first distillery on Islay to receive an official licence. Bought by broker Stanley P Morrison in 1963, the decade saw some legendary bottlings, including the iconic Black Bowmore releases. Now under the ownership of Beam Suntory, the range includes the excellent entry-level 12 Year Old, along with Tempest, aged in first-fill bourbon casks, and a selection of limited releases, all of which are true to the distillery's medium-peated style.

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    • 5
      13 days ago

      Excellent must have.

    • 5
      14 December 2016


    • 5
      10 July 2016

      Excellent job by the Bowmore team, I thoroughly enjoyed the smell, taste and finish of this whiskey. I am a big fan of Oloroso Sherry Finish and Oloroso & Pedro Ximemenez Sherry Casks. Bowmore understand it, NON-CHILL FILTERED and 56.7%. alc./vol. I only hope there is no E-150 added, that would be a shame, there is enough rich cask color. Add a few drops of water to cut the alcohol and enjoy the flavors.

    • 1
      13 March 2016

      my wife and I are big fans of bowmore and thought we were in with a treat at the PRICE bottle bracket. It didn't take long before I felt like I'd been robbed. This young brash whisky not quite ready for a bottle at THIS PRICE and call it a devil because it still reeks of distillate, it's a real disappointing effort from Bowmore. Luckily I had a Highland Park 18 at hand to cheer myself back up. I suppose at this alcohol level in this bottling I can use it to clean paint brushes. Not often I get this disappointed in a bottle

    • 5
      14 November 2015