Malt of the Month: June 2018

We choose our Malt of the Month to highlight some of the great whiskies of the world. Some are well known, some less so, but you can be certain that if it's our Malt of the Month, then you won't be disappointed. This month we've chosen:

The Whisky Exchange Malt of the Month – Dalmore 18 Year Old
The Whisky Exchange Malt of the Month – Dalmore 18 Year Old

Dalmore 18 Year Old

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Dalmore's trademark style is luscious notes of orange, chocolate and spices, and the 18 Year Old bottling is a terrific example. Aged in both bourbon and sherry casks, it has seductive notes of vanilla, dark chocolate and candied orange on the nose, followed by a full-bodied, spicy palate of cinnamon and stewed fruit.


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Tasting Notes

Dalmore Dalmore

From The Producer

  • Nose: Vanilla, dark chocolate, orange.
  • Palate: Dark chocolate, candied citrus fruits, rich coffee.
  • Finish: Citrus fruit, oak.



    About Dalmore

    Dalmore Damore


    Dalmore distillery, located on the shore of the Cromarty Firth in the Highlands, was built back in 1839 and has seen a variety of owners over the years, but under the stewardship of its irrepressible master blender Richard Paterson (known as 'The Nose'), the brand has never been so popular, with top-end Dalmores selling for vast sums of money at auction.

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    • 5
      17 April

      Great whiskey and great Company defiantly recommend

    • 5
      16 March

      One of the finest examples of Scotch whiskey I have had the pleasure of tasting. Nose is very inviting, palate has that chocolatey, smokeyness, finish is citrusy and elegant.

    • 5
      29 December 2017

      I brought this as a gift and it went down really well with the recipient who knows his whisky.

    • 5
      25 December 2017

      My friends favorite single malt. He always has his friends over when he gets a bottle. Hard to find here in the states!

    • 5
      22 November 2017

      This is my favourite Whisky and has been for a year or so now. Great smooth taste and brilliant nose.

    • 5
      1 November 2017

      Rich and smooth. Nice balance of slightly sweet with undertones of oak. One of my top favorites!

    • 5
      3 July 2017

      Opened this evening to celebrate a special occasion with friends. What a treat! Sherry, fruit, spice and wood, all in perfect harmony with one another. The nose on this whisky is one of the best I've ever experienced and the taste is not too far behind. The entire experience is one of layered complexity - highly recommended.

    • 5
      14 May 2017

      absolute perfection for a non peaty whisky. Very smooth, complex, powerful... flavors are bold, complex, and it hits you hard while maintaining smoothness. A masterpiece

    • 5
      10 April 2017

      this whiskey is just wonderful great flavors ,my first order from this company, all is great packing was great just a great experience will order agian soon

    • 5
      26 June 2016

      Wow. If you're a fan of the Dalmore, this is the ticket...though again, as with the 15, a word of caution. Assuming you've tried and loved their entry-level 12 year old single malt, don't expect the same satiny-smoothness here. Yes, the 18 is smooth compared to other scotches, but it has a much more obvious burn to it than the 12 or 15 (probably due to the 43% alcohol). The flavour here is intense beyond reason - all the grapey, heavily-sherried richness of the 12 and the 15 are here in spades, but with an added hint of anise/liquorice-ness and a rough oakiness, along with a distinct cinnamon note. This scotch literally perfumes itself out of the glass, much like a harsh Islay scotch's fumes creep out. If you love the 12 and the 15, and simply want all those flavours maxed out to the inth degree, then the 18 is the ticket. A luxurious, full-bodied highland scotch well-worth trying.

    • 5
      1 January 2016

      Loved it. Strong dark Chocolate and Coffee notes.Great Finish.

    • 5
      2 August 2015

      Fantastic - absolutely loved it

    • 5
      8 March 2015

      A fantastic dram, in this price range so so reasonable. Nose is rich, smooth & deep; you can just breath this in forever. Upon taking a sip, the arrival is sweet, complex and packed with character. Had me smacking my lips. Don''t ponder upon getting a bottle, just do it - and you''ll be welcomed into the warm world of great whisky appreciation.

    • 5
      22 January 2015

      This was my introduction bottle to a Highland region whisky and I must say it was a pleasant encounter. This 18yr is not only is smooth and flavorful in which you shouldn''t underestimate its ability to smoother your palate. It makes you really appreciate the time spent on making such a fine whisky, especially aging it in 3 ways before bottled.

    • Jason 26 September 2012

      Very very nice

    • jud l/h 15 June 2012

      one of the best i have ever triede

    • Anonymous 12 December 2011

      one of my favorites,lovely notes of chocolate and raisins, well worth its price. take your time and enjoy it.

    • Andy Mack 10 December 2011

      When I first tried it I was unimpressed, but on a second sitting when my palate was more prepared I was taken on a flavour journey. It's like drinking the highlands themselves. My tasting companions and I tasted all sorts going on, there's the usual 'whiskey' flavours that seem to crop up in most but this has heather and pine and a whole assortment of delicate beautifully balanced flavours. A good one to buy for something a little different but not extreme.

    • M. Jansson 13 October 2011

      A good match for, say, Macallan 18yo at any time, Dalmore 18 delivers that classic sherried whisky character, with a tangerine orange peel finish. A very satisfying dram in my opinion.

    • Jean 13 July 2011

      An amazing whisky, but make sure you let it breatH and use a decanter if you have one. Goes down a treat!!

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