Malt of the Month: May 2016

We choose our Malt of the Month to highlight some of the great whiskies of the world. Some are well known, some less so, but you can be certain that if it's our Malt of the Month, then you won't be disappointed. This month we've chosen:

The Whisky Exchange Malt of the Month – Lagavulin 1998 Distillers Edition
The Whisky Exchange Malt of the Month – Lagavulin 1998 Distillers Edition
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Lagavulin 1998
Distillers Edition

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The most popular release in Diageo's Distillers Edition series, the Lagavulin is finished in ex-Pedro-Ximénez-sherry casks. The result is a rich texture with notes of grass and fruit, a maritime character and a smoky, peaty backbone. A whisky that never disappoints.

Tasting Notes

Glass of Lagavulin 1998 Distillers Edition Glass of Lagavulin 1998 Distillers Edition

from the Producer

  • Nose: Intense peat and vanilla. A raisin sweetness checks the smoke. Iodine-edged peat and crisp, roasty malt. Satisfying and enticing.
  • Palate: Full bodied and rich in texture. A clear, grassy malt, then the peat lands – smoke filling the mouth. A very salty tang, the middle offers coffee, vanilla and fruit.
  • Finish: Incredibly long, even by Islay standards. Fruit, peat and long-lasting oak. Very chewable.

About Lagavulin

Lagavulin distillery Lagavulin distillery


Founded in 1816 by John Johnston, Lagavulin merged with adjacent Ardmore in 1837 to form the site it occupies today. It was taken over by the famous Mackie family of blenders 25 years later, who created the famous White Horse blend in 1890, cementing the distillery's importance. A second distillery, Malt Mill, operated on the site between 1908 and 1962, which was intended to produce a Laphroaig-style of whisky, but it never did. Diageo selected the 16 Year Old in 1988 to become one of its six signature Classic Malts.


2016 marks the distillery's 200th anniversary, and a limited edition eight-year-old has been released. The 16 Year Old expression remains popular, famed for its balance between peat and fruit flavours and, apart from the Distillers Edition vintages, marks the only ongoing bottling.