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Lorena Vasquez

Master Blender
Ron Zacapa

Born in Nicaragua, Lorena Vasquez moved to Guatemala in her twenties with her husband and first child. Lorena’s background in chemistry and her natural talent for tasting and smelling with a high degree of accuracy got her a job in quality control at a Guatemalan brewery but, having no great love of beer, she soon moved on. Luckily, she moved on to Ron Zacapa and the world of rum, where her passion for flavours and aromas – as well as chemistry – served her well and, despite being a 28-year-old woman in an industry dominated by men, she rose quickly.

In her tenure as Ron Zacapa’s master blender, Vasquez has overseen the creation of some of the brand’s flagship spirits, as well as making the company a place that both welcomes and nurtures female employees – including the introduction of a project which sees several hundred indigenous women employed in the crafting of the traditional, woven palm bands which wrap every bottle of Zacapa rum.

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"I studied pharmaceutical chemistry and I always knew I wanted to work with aromas... When I moved to Guatemala I started working in beer, but I don't like beer at all!"- Lorena Vasquez
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