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Patrick Van Zuidam

Managing Director and Distiller at Zuidam

Zuidam was started by Patrick’s parents, Fred and Helene, and began its life as a producer of vodka and traditional fruit liqueurs. Patrick joined the company on a temporary basis, after studying for a career in IT, but something stuck, and he’s now been with the family business for more than two decades. Patricks’s influence on the company in that time is significant: in order to thrive, Patrick decided that it was quality, first and foremost, that would set Zuidam’s drinks apart from their competitors.

Zuidam’s – both the man and the business – pervading philosophy is now one of transparency about and pride in its product and production methods, and the quality of its drinks, including its acclaimed whiskies, speaks for itself.

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"I grew up in the distillery…. Me and my brother grew up between the stills, I did my first distillations at 12!"- Patrick Van Zuidam
Patrick Van Zuidam

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