Meet the Maker - Sophie Decobecq

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Sophie Decobecq

Owner and Founder
Calle 23 Tequila

Born in France, Sophie Decobecq has made her way to Mexico and the heights of agave-spirit acclaim by way of a professional background in biochemistry and engineering.

After moving to Mexico for work and further study, Sophie fell in love with Mexico, its people, its culture and – perhaps most importantly – Tequila. She began distilling her own spirit out of curiosity, initially for personal consumption, but such was the quality of the spirit and her passion for the project that it grew organically into the category-defining brand it is today.

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"The distilery said 'we'd like to hire a guy' and they said 'you should interview that girl actually'. The distillery said it would be very hard conditions, but as I was playing rugby for the engineering school they gave me an interview!"- Sophie Decobecq
Sophie Decobecq Beautiful scenery at Glen Grant Whisky Barrels

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