Noble Rebel

Nobel Rebel is a flavour-packed range of blended malt whiskies, created by master blender Michael Henry and the team behind the award-winning single malts from Loch Lomond and Glen Scotia distilleries.

Each entry in the range is built around a different aspect of Scotch whisky's character: zesty citrus and sweet orchard fruit, rich smoke and tart berries, and creamy oak and nuts. They’re just the thing for those looking to expand their horizons and look beyond single malts.

Orchard Outburst

The opening entry in the range is a collision of apples and pears, and zesty citrus fruit. The whiskies are matured in ex-bourbon casks adding layers of vanilla and bolstering the fruit, while a gentle hint of ocean breeze gives an extra dimension of complexity.

Smoke Symphony

With a focus on the darker and smokier side of things, Smoke Symphony combines wisps of peat smoke with chilli spice. This is all wrapped up in a blanket of rich and tart berry fruit, thanks to a finish in ex-Rioja red wine casks.

Hazelnut Harmony

The final whisky in the line-up gives a nod to the nuttier side of Scotch, with roasted hazelnut notes balanced by honeycomb sweetness. A finish in toasted American-oak casks gives gentle spice without hiding the whisky’s underlying floral and fruity character.