The Roses – Single Malt Scotch Whisky from the Rosebank Distillery

The Rosebank Roses are a range of extremely rare whiskies, showcasing the sought-after spirit of this lost Lowland distillery. Closed for more than 20 years, Rosebank produced what are now some of the rarest Scottish single malts – and some of the most revered by whisky lovers worldwide.


This small parcel of casks has been carefully nurtured for 21 years and has been bottled at the peak of its maturation, showing the complexity and elegance for which this distillery is legendary.

The seven bottlings will be released over the next seven years, with each expression displaying a different side of Rosebank’s charms. Their names are inspired by different varieties of roses, reflecting the whisky’s romantic, floral character and also the love affair that so many have with this distillery. Each of the seven releases is marriage of casks of single malt, drawn from a batch of 15. Each Rose balances soft fruit and spice to create a truly spellbinding whisky.

About Rosebank

Rosebank was considered for years to be the finest of the Lowland malts and its character fitted its name: light, elegant and floral, with fruity complexity. While the spirit was excellent, the distillery closed in 1993 – a tragedy that is still lamented today.

Rosebank Distillery Photos

Rosebank has become incredibly rare and only a handful of bottlings from the distillery have been released in recent years. Sought after by both collectors and drinkers, prices have risen sharply and stocks of maturing whisky have almost run out. With prices of even the distillery-bottled Rosebank Flora and Fauna rising tenfold over the past few years, new releases are pounced on by investors as well as those looking for a final chance to try whisky from this fabled distillery.

Rosebank Distillery Photos