Spirit of the Month: November 2017

We choose our Spirit of the Month to highlight some of the greatest spirits in the world. Some of them are age-old classics, some of them are great new releases, but whatever it is, you can be sure that it's something we love. This month we've chosen:

Chase Blackcurrant Liqueur – The Whisky Exchange Spirit of the Month
Chase Blackcurrant Liqueur – The Whisky Exchange Spirit of the Month
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Chase Blackcurrant put the distillery's liqueurs firmly on the map. Rich and deeply flavoured, with layers of berry fruit, it's the perfect alternative to crème de cassis. Made using just fruit, sugar and Chase's award-winning vodka, this liqueur is a triumph of balance and flavour.

Tasting Notes

Glass of Chase Blackcurrant Liqueur

From The Producer

  • Colour: Clear, deep burgundy.
  • Nose: Ripe blackcurrant.
  • Palate: Rich but not overly sweet, with a natural burst of blackcurrant fruit.
  • Finish: Juicy fruit continues through the finish.



    About Chase



    While the Chase Distillery was founded in 2008, the family business was already well established. The Chase family have been potato farmers in Herefordshire for generations, and in 2002 expanded their business by launching Tyrrell's, one of the first brands of gourmet crisps.

    During a trip to the US to find packaging equipment for his crisps, company owner William Chase visited a distillery that made vodka from potatoes, and the idea for creating his own distillery was planted. Chase opened its doors in 2008 and in 2010 won the San Francisco Spirits Competition award, showing that British vodka ranked among the finest in the world.

    In the years since, the Chase range has grown. Along with the original potato vodka, the distillery also distils apples from the farm's orchards, and uses both spirits to create a range of gins and liqueurs. It has also been experimenting with grain spirits, and we eagerly await the long-promised whisky.

    4 Customer Reviews

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    • 5
      5 January

      Great - as expected from Chase.

    • 5
      15 May 2016

      Wife usually wastes vodka by using my grey goose and filling with cordial and lemonade. This is half as strong as normal vodka and she loves the flavour so basically saves me money and she can last 3 drinks instead of 1.

    • 5
      5 March 2016

      this liqueur is simply superb. Not sweet at all. The fruit flavor dominates and what a flavor! I am ordering a litre bottle this time , the first order went pretty fast after my first taste. Love this product

    • Salvatore 1 March 2010

      Lovely summer cooler; mix with premium cloudy lemonade and plenty of ice. Also, it is brilliant when consumed alongside a sweet, flavored cigar.