Celebrate the summer in style with our bespoke gin cocktail kit – perfect for al fresco parties, watching a film under the stars or just relaxing with friends.

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The Package Our kit contains Tanqueray Gin, Fever-Tree Tonic, four glasses, a bottle of Angostura Bitters and a pack of botanicals to customise your very own G&T.
Tanqueray Gin No.10 (70CL)
Tanqueray Gin No.10 (70cl)
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Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water
Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water (4 x 20cl)
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Originario Botanical Set
Originario Botanical Set
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Angostura Bitters
Angostura Bitters (10cl)
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Tanqueray Goblet Glass
Tanqueray Goblet Glass (x4)
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Personalise yout G & T Botanicals

Our Summer Gin Cocktail Kits contain a box of Originario Botanicals – packs of 16 botanical boxes, with four subtle mixtures – and a bottle of spicy Angostura Bitters. Simply pick your favourite, add to your glass and make your G&T your own!

Botaicals Box
Large Glass

Choose your botanicals

  • Floral – roses and lemongrass
  • Mediterranean – orange peel, pineapple and passion fruit
  • Spiced – cinnamon and clove
  • Traditional – juniper berries and Brazilian pepper


  • 1. Fill your goblet with ice
  • 2. Add 50ml of Tanqueray No.10 gin
  • 3. Add 200ml of Fever-Tree tonic
  • 4. Add your chosen Originario Botanical box or a dash of bitters
  • 5. Enjoy!
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