Metaxa Amphora 7 Star Brandy

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Metaxa Amphora 7 Star Brandy
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Metaxa is fine Greek spirit made by diluting an aged cask strength brandy with muscat wine and a recipe of botanicals including anise and rose petals. Each star represents a year's ageing.
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Metaxa Amphora 7 Star Brandy Reviews

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  • 5
    31 December 2015

    I have been drinking it for over 40 years...I'm never without a bottle at home.

  • 4
    27 November 2015

    Of all the spiritous drinks brandy and specially cognac are my favourite. During the years I've appreciated Metaxa more and more. Both the 7 and 12 stars are highly recommended! They are complex in bouquet and taste and offers superb smoothness.

  • 5
    21 September 2015

    Bliss in a bottle. I drink scotch neat, and I was looking forward to trying some different types of brandy. I am new to the brandy game, but Metaxa 7 Star is by far the best brandy I have had yet, it surpasses most smooth scotches as far as drink-ability goes. The caramel after-taste and the smooth, rich flavour has me looking for my next bottle time and time again.

  • 5
    31 July 2015

    One of the smoothest brandys you will ever come across. Absolute nectar!

  • 5
    11 June 2015

    This and a few rocks can''t believe how good it tasted

  • 5
    4 January 2015

    7 star metaxa brandy is very very nice it is very nice in coffee

  • 5
    17 October 2014

    Bought a bottle of Metaxa private reserve. best brandy eva. not too choosy though, 3* 5* 7* all nice..

  • 5
    5 October 2014

    Im puerto rican and i had some and it was absolutely delicious i did a job for an old Greek lady and she gave me a bottle of metaxa from 1970 never opened this was a few years ago and i still have it it sits beautiful in its box

  • 5
    9 August 2014

    My Greek Dad introduced me to Metaxa 7 Star. A man of a few rare pleasures, he insisted on its practicality - that it chases away winter colds. When I was old enough to drink it myself, I discovered that its an entirely different kind of medicine. I drink it over a bit of crushed ice - seems to bring out the delicate tones. The only bottle I keep in the house. You won't find a more exquisite sitting and thinking drink. Just finishing the remnants of my latest bottle as I write.

  • 12 June 2014

    Extraodrinary! Never tasted better.

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