The London No.1 Original Blue Gin 70cl

70cl / 47%
The London No.1 Original Blue Gin 70cl
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A high-strength (47%) gin quadruple-distilled in London by master distiller Charles Maxwell, The London Gin has a variety of traditional botanicals inlcuding cinnamon, orange root and angelica alongside less-common ingredients like gardenia and bergamot, which explains its distinct aromas of Earl Grey tea.


The London No.1 Original Blue Gin 70cl Reviews

11 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    21 December 2018

    I found this Jen on a trip to Mexico. It has a very distinct citrus/floral taste. A friend and I really enjoy the flavor in the finish. I would definitely recommend but I have not been able to find it back in the states.

  • 4
    14 December 2018

    This is a very good and distinct gin. We have consumed 2 bottles over the last bit with many people. All of them thought highly of the gin. The rubbing alcohol reviewer seems like he might have confused this gin bottle with something in his medicine cabinet.

  • 1
    10 December 2018

    I don't know how anyone is rating this gin so highly. It's like employees of that company wrote the other reviews. This gin was awful. I like trying new gins, but when I tried this... It had more of a resemblance to rubbing alcohol than gin. I tried to muscle through the bottle, because I don't like throwing away good gin, but I ended up giving it to my semi-alcoholic friend after I'd drank 1/8 of the bottle. As a point of reference to my pallet, my favorite gins are monkey 47 and beefeater (24).

  • 5
    1 September 2018

    An incredibly well balanced and beautiful to look at gin. Lends itself fantastically to classic cocktails without imposing too much either, mixes well and simply gorgeous in a G&T. Personal favourite - Pink Grapefruit, orange cinnamon and star anise G&T.

  • 4
    30 May 2018

    Mellow and easy drinking. Less flavorful and aggressive than Magellan (i.e., the other Original Blue Gin) but I would definitely recommend.

  • 5
    16 April 2018

    Best gin I've ever had

  • 5
    30 June 2017

    A lovely gin, perfect after a hard day's work

  • 5
    25 June 2016

    Staying at the Iberostar Grande in Cancun,our bartender recommended London NO. 1. Will request this excellent gin where ever we can!

  • 5
    10 May 2015

    Really well balanced gin for g &t.Higher strength than most!Both the wife and I enjoyed it and she also loves the colour of this blue gin.

  • Anonymous 7 April 2014

    In my opinion this is about as close as your going to get to the perfect gin, for a G&T serve it with lemon peel, juniper berries and a basil leaf with some Mediterranean tonic and this gin sings with floral, citrus, bitter and sweet notes, and lets not forget that's it's also blue! 93/100

  • Ian 30 January 2012

    A great gin!!