McAfee's Benchmark No. 8 Straight Bourbon

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  • Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
McAfee's Benchmark No. 8 Straight Bourbon
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McAfee's Benchmark is a rye-recipe Kentucky straight bourbon from the Buffalo Trace distillery, awarded 90 points by Wine Enthusiast and a former Gold Medal and Trophy winner at the International Spirits Challenge.

McAfee's Benchmark No. 8 Straight Bourbon Reviews

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  • 4
    8 May

    Best bourbon for the price

  • 4
    31 March

    Best whiskey I've ever tasted for the money. Very smooth, not bitter.

  • 4
    4 March

    I tryed it for the first time tonight, it will be my go to!

  • 5
    21 February

    I like this whiskey it's very smooth my favorite one so far

  • 4
    19 February

    Its kinda bitter but the price is right and get a nice buzz from i

  • 3
    11 December 2016

    I bought this to make fun of it on my podcast (because of the name). I was shocked to find out it was good.

  • 5
    29 November 2016

    I decided to try it when I walked into the state store and Jack has went up another 3 bucks so for 10 bucks a bottle I said iam trying it out. Glad I did! Very nice and maybe come my daily sipper!

  • 4
    2 September 2016

    1st try as I write. It's a smooth version of kentucky bourbon. I like it and the wife likes the price!! It's ALL good ;)

  • 5
    24 August 2016

    Best dam whiskey money can buy you cant get anybetter. Been dranking it for years. Better than the high price stuff from Tennessee.

  • 5
    8 June 2016

    Great product regardless of the price!

  • 4
    14 May 2016

    Bourbon on a beer budget. My daily. The smoothness and mellow finish is great for begginers and seasoned sippers alike. Even whisky snobs give it the nod.

  • 5
    22 March 2016

    I think its great for the price smooth mellow taste.I like the taste.and gives you a nice buzz

  • 4
    4 February 2016

    Light and very drinkable. Not at all complex but rounded and excellent value.

  • 3
    14 January 2016

    Light pleasant taste makes it easy to drink. Problem because it is light and easy it may just have you over served if not careful

  • 3
    11 January 2016

    A good bourbon whiskey - smooth to the palate and leaves no after bite. For the money you can't go wrong with Old Number 8. I give it a 5 star rating.

  • 5
    15 December 2015

    this stuff is really really good, don't taste like paint thinner and only $2.50 more than the crap we used to buy

  • 5
    13 December 2015

    Excelente Bourbon...!!!

  • 5
    11 November 2015

    Great bang for the buck! I''m a big JD fan but stumbled upon this because of the price. I started drinking it on the rocks but started to put it in the freezer and doing with a frozen shot glass a couple of hours before going to bed a few nights a week. Great bottom shelf brand!

  • 5
    30 August 2015

    For the price it''s one of the undisputed kings of the bottom shelf. I drink this one neat, and love it. There''s just enough body and flavor to be satisfying, but the burn is very mellow and pleasant. If you''re looking for something to serve at a party, or just an inexpensive daily drinker, give this a try and chances are you''ll really enjoy it.

  • 5
    4 June 2015

    Fabulous for the price,really enjoyed this tipple.

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