Bernheim Original

75cl / 45%
  • Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey
Bernheim Original
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Bernheim Original is made by Heaven Hill and is the only straight wheat American whiskey available. A winner of the Gold 'Editor's Choice Award' from Whisky Magazine with a score of 17.75 out of 20 from Dave Broom & Michael Jackson, Bernheim is 51% winter wheat, 39% corn and 10% barley malt. A soft, mellow, fruity palate with gentle vanilla notes.

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Bernheim Original Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by John Hansell for Whisky Advocate

    • Comment:

      Straight wheat whiskeys can be almost too easy-going. Not chill-filtering adds teasing, subtle complexity. Gently sweet, with maple syrup, caramel, marzipan, and coconut cream, along with a dusting of vanilla, cinnamon, and green tea. A whiskey for a lazy saturday afternoon... or perhaps with pancakes at brunch?

    • Score:

      87 Points

  • Tasting Notes by Mark Gillespie, World Whiskies Awards 2012

    • Cinnamon, brown sugar, tobacco, and leather notes. Peppery and intense with cinnamon and black pepper notes, honey and brown sugar touches underneath. Lingering and spicy with cinnamon touches and a hint of tobacco.

  • Tasting Notes by Robin Laing, World Whiskies Awards 2012

    • Buttery vanilla tablet, caramel and fudge spring out from the nose - becoming fresh and subtle, like shrubs on a hillside in summer, perhaps distant smoke, then white pepper. The palate is certinaly sweet - toffee burnt sugar, fudge, with a hint of cumin; stewed rhubarb tartness arrives with a splash of water, restoring balance.

  • Tasting Notes by Michael Jackson

    • Nose:

      Warm, welcoming, appetising. The bakery aromas of Sunday brunch.

    • Palate:

      Pancakes. Cornbread. Buttered corn. Peach cobbler. Pecan pie. Pints of vanilla ice cream with butterscotch sauce, garnished with sprigs of fresh mint.

    • Finish:

      A hint of soft, leafy, balancing dryness.

    • Comment:

      At an ‘all you can eat’ buffet in Chicago, a woman piling her plate said to me: “isn’t this sinful?” This is temptation in a bottle.

    • Score:


  • Tasting Notes by Dave Broom

    • Nose:

      The first impression is butter, then fresh baking, toasted crumpet followed by light red fruit (cherry) and allspice. Gentle, with a tricksy quality, lemon meringue lifted by a subtle spiciness. Very clean and well defined.

    • Palate:

      Gentle then a tingle of fresh planed oak. Reminiscent of melted rock candy with a hint of toffee and a menthol note. Very fine.

    • Finish:

      Long, spicy.

    • Comment:

      A stunning glass, gentle yet exotic.

    • Score:


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  • 5
    5 March 2015

    Great wheater!

  • 4
    13 August 2014

    Tangy and wheaty, golden syrup and grape sweetness. Pretty easy drinking.

  • Pat 17 February 2011

    This is excellent stuff. If you want to try something a bit different, give it a go, although it's not cheap.Nose: Liquorice, anise, hickory, tropical fruit, toasted cinnamonTaste: Incredibly smooth then lightly-spiced and peppery Finish: The sweetness is held in check by the wood but never overpowering

  • Anonymous 13 October 2009

    Heaven Hill markets the Hell outta this stuff, and it shows in those tasting notes. If you seek the semblance of a Stitzel-Weller era wheated Bourbon, keep shopping. Bernheim is good, but fails in comparison to Van Winkle Special Reserve 12-year.

  • LB 7 March 2008

    I'm a fan of Bernheim, it's a very distinct whiskey and well worth seeking out.I posted a detailed review of it on my website: