Pe1 - Elements of Islay

50cl / 58.7%
  • Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Speciality Drinks Ltd
Pe1 - Elements of Islay
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Here at last - our Elements of Islay Pe1!! Unlike our other Elements bottlings, this is from a single cask, so we've not got a lot. Serge over at Whiskyfun rated this at 93 points (cheers, Serge!) and there's only a couple of hundred bottles for the site, so it's a maximum of 1 bottle per customer. Missed a Malt Maniacs gold by a single point in 2009.
Silver Medal Winner (The Malt Maniacs Awards 2009)
Speciality Drinks Ltd
Elements of Islay

Pe1 - Elements of Islay Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting notes by Whiskyfun (Serge Valentin)

    Colour: pale amber.

    Nose: I must say I’m not surprised the good people at TWE/Specialty Drinks chose a sherried version, and what a version. A lot of chocolate at very first nosing, then a little gunpowder, then the same kinds of fruits as in the 1982 [this refers to another bottle in Serge's tasting which showed fresh oranges and passionfruits], only dried or crystallised instead of fresh. There’s also quite some wildness behind all that, with a little game and quite some balsamic vinegar. Quite some ham too. State of the art sherried PE so far.

    With water: warning, you have to like this kind of profile! Indeed, it got very different, with something like clams plus well-hung game, before it settled down a bit with more fresh almonds and marzipan. Even praline. What a rollercoaster!

    Mouth (neat): you can’t tame a good PE, can you? It’s as if the spirit refused the sherry’s influence on the palate! There is some sherry, of course, but the spirit is that big that the wine’s influence gets sort of peripheral (do you see what I mean?) A very nervous PE, zesty, lemony, wild, herbal, biting… It’s the wildest of them all despite the sherry cask.

    With water: appeased, on high-end Cuban cigar, bitter chocolate, coffee and Corinth raisins. Hey hey, the sherry stroke back!

    Finish: endless, with a little mint and many other flavours. Splendid retro-olfaction.

    Comments: a huge whisky in a little bottle (wasn’t that too easy, S.?) SGP:468 – 93 points.

    [These tasting notes have been reproduced from the splendid website]

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  • Gordon (Spirit of Islay) 10 October 2009

    Not being a fan of Port Ellen , i found this to be a very good example .Tasting notes posted in the Port ellen section of the Spirit of Islay Forum ( ).....returning the shameless Plugging Tim ! :-)