Georgia Moon

75cl / 40%
  • Corn Whiskey
Georgia Moon
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A corn spirit entirely devoid of colour (but not of flavour!) due to an ageing period guaranteed less than 30 days! A treat for any drinker who thinks they've tried everything.

Georgia Moon Reviews

14 Customer Reviews

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  • 4
    16 December 2018

    Definitely 30 days or less aged, but fun

  • 3
    21 June 2018

    It tastes like a mix. A homemade mix. It may be a drink, a pleasant drint, not a whisky though. Cocktail, is what you'd expext.

  • 1
    21 August 2016

    It is corn whiskey, however no thought regarding flavor! It's amateur at best! I've tasted better from a hand built still. Can't believe they're selling this in stores. The label won't even stay on the jar!

  • 2
    6 May 2016

    Wife bought me as a present. This is my drink when watching Moonshiners TV show. It has a corn/dough nose and obvious taste. Could almost say it reminds you of popcorn? I prefer keeping it in the freezer before serving. Recommend giving a try if you're adventurous, because it's not for the connoisseur. Will try others to compare

  • 5
    26 April 2015

    Such a unique experience. I bought it as a novelty, with the intention of passing it round some friends at Christmas, but it''s far better than a mere curiosity. It''s also nothing like as harsh as you might expect. In fact it''s very subtle underneath its initial hit. I don''t have the knowledge to pick out the flavours but the corn is laid on thick from the start, with a very apparent tortilla flavour that''s undercut by a very pleasant nuttiness. There''s nothing to be scared of here, it''s just a smooth and tasty whiskey, with some added character.

  • 5
    22 August 2014

    I like georgia moon corn whiskey taste like my mom use to make.

  • Dave D 4 February 2013

    Just the stuff for a real deep down warm through, real deep inside. after a bitterly cold night out on the Heathrow Flight line, tastes great to me, wheres your sense of adventure?

  • Anonymous 10 January 2013

    I gave a bottle to an older friend from Grundy County, Tennessee. He loved it and said I "knew good whiskey". And he grew up on moonshine too.

  • Anonymous 1 January 2013

    I thought this jar would last awhile, booooy was I wrong! Dropped some cinnamon sticks in it, let it sit a bit. Shake and drink! Yummy!!

  • BKC 10 November 2011

    Not for the weaker drinkers among us, but also not for moonshine drinkers. Good for a party gimmick, but nowhere near the genuine moonshine experience. I'm from Georgia, and I've had the real deal from the tender age of 13. I think the lovely folks in Kentucky need to stick to making bourbon and leave the moonshine to the backwoods illiterate artisans. However, if you want to make people laugh at a party, go for it. For the price, it sure does a good job of getting you drunk.

  • Anonymous 2 January 2011

    The branding for this drink is incredible, however the drink itself tastes like..... Great for pulling out at parties for shots just to see the look on peoples faces....

  • Moles Friend 17 December 2009

    Well worth it just to see the look on people's faces when you serve it.....who cares what it tastes like....

  • fraser 29 October 2009

    Easily the worst smelling drink I've ever had!

  • Anonymous 18 February 2009

    Burns all the way down, but really hits the spot ,, Edd