Sunset Very Strong Rum

75cl / 84.5%
Sunset Very Strong Rum
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A quite ludicrously potent rum from St. Vincent, Sunset Very Strong should never be taken neat, but heavily diluted with a mixer or as a float for cocktails.

Please note this is a high-strength product and we recommend not drinking neat – please enjoy diluted or with a mixer of your choice.
St. Vincent

Sunset Very Strong Rum Reviews

19 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    16 August

    Being a vincy it's the only rum worth drinking only beaten the the spiced version. Not sure they still do that. You can keep the rest I only drink sunset. Now I know it's available in U.K. I'm getting some!

  • 5
    9 July

    Its one of the best I have tasted..great for rum punch n rum creams.This is the real deal.

  • 5
    8 July

    Got this for as a gift recipient was very happy with this smells and taste great.

  • 5
    9 June

    This is the rum of all rums. The best! Proud to be VINCY.

  • 5
    23 May

    very strong, sends you to another dimension.

  • 4
    17 December 2016

    I was very excited to taste the award winning Caribbean rum and was brave enough to take a few shots! Some went into the guinness punch and then the rest with coke. Is was it says on the bottle. 'Very strong rum'!

  • 5
    4 July 2016

    Great taste and long lasting buzz. Mix with tropical juices, for best experience. Take shots at your own (you should have a chaser)

  • 5
    25 June 2016

    This is the original energy drink for farmers, construction workers, and feters IN VINCY!

  • 5
    3 February 2016

    Took a bottle of this to a weekend away with a group of mates, they spent hundreds of pounds on drink that weekend whereas i had my good old friend with me! None of my friends had the balls to have a shot but im afraid to say i got through the entire bottle in 3 days! This drink is amazing each night i would have a double mixed with pineapple juice to start then another single then two shots before we went out and that would last me till gone 4am! All in all a beautiful drink and a great money saver! ;)

  • 5
    15 January 2016

    A great rum especially for cocktails.

  • 5
    23 August 2015

    In a league of its own when it comes down to spirits, excellent.

  • 5
    8 July 2015

    Your a true Vincy if you can withstand this beauty of a beast

  • 5
    23 November 2014

    This stuff is just amazing. Someone from that way gave me a bottle because I liked 151. This is smoother than Bacardi and tastes amazing. We do shots and chase with cola. Not for people who aren''t trained for it though.

  • 5
    4 November 2014

    Top dog

  • bob 20 July 2012

    if you swallow a shot and without taking in any air swallow a small mouthful of water straight after you can drink this stuff all day without puking or coughing, thats how they drink it in Vincy..

  • Anonymous 12 April 2012

    Absolutely the best rum ever but definitely not for lightweights.

  • RD 7 November 2011

    I'm a rum drinker and this is definitely not for lightweights. A double of this with a splash of mixer and you won't want another drink for hours.

  • D. Jones 7 January 2011

    Used in cocktails it is great, but rather potent. Go sparingly and it'll be enjoyable.

  • Anonymous 26 March 2010

    A mate just came back from St Vicent and brought a bottle of this with him.He gave me a shot, neat, and I've only just recovered my breath and I think the hole in my stomach *might* have closed by now.HOLY COW is this stuff potent - but really good! Worth every penny!