Jack Daniel's Original
Bar Bottle

300cl / 40%
  • Tennessee Whiskey
Jack Daniel's Original / Bar Bottle
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A double magnum of the world's No.1 American whiskey, complete with an 'upside down' label so it's the correct way up when placed on an optic.

Jack Daniel's Original Reviews

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  • 5
    22 March

    It’s was awesome mild

  • greg cools 2 May 2012

    Just received it and it's the new bottle (evolution) !!! Great !!!

  • TWE Admin 21 March 2012

    Anonymous: No - this bottle comes on its own.

  • Anonymous 20 March 2012

    When purchasing, is the swing arm included?

  • Steel Horse Cowboy 22 March 2011

    This is a great item. I purchased mine a few years ago duty free and always look out for it. Mine came with a swing arm, which makes pouring a lot easier (don't want to spill it do we)! These three lites are rare items.

  • Anonymous 29 January 2011

    labels upside down so it can be read when its on the optics

  • Anonymous 26 January 2011

    upside down?

  • TWE Admin 22 November 2010

    Not that we're aware of, Rajnikant. Apologies.

  • 21 November 2010

    Is there a bottle with Label NOT UPSIDE DOWN and also in 4.5 Litre Bottle......Kindly let me know.Thanks...Rajnikant

  • Jonsi 13 August 2010

    Old No7 is the best whiskey you will ever sip.

  • Tikhoin 12 March 2010

    It`s really Sour Mash!

  • MARTYN 16 October 2008

    is there a 5L SIZE??

  • Anonymous 14 August 2008


  • big bucko 3 August 2008

    awesome bottle just bought one back from the usa but not the best whiskey/ bourbon as posted above many nicer out there

  • Gosling87 8 May 2008

    That would tide me over for a while!

  • Anonymous 2 March 2008

    Jack Daniels is the greatest whiskey of all time!

  • Anonymous 26 January 2008


  • Anonymous 18 January 2008

    my god it is huge

  • timthekingomahony 18 August 2007

    looks very impressive on any table serious drinkers only

  • Anonymous 2 March 2007

    brilliant size , love it