Jim Beam Black Label

70cl / 43%
  • Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Jim Beam Black Label
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Lesser-known Jim Beam, aged around six years to produce a delicate, ultra-smooth, slow-sipping bourbon perfect for cold evenings.


Jim Beam Black Label Reviews

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  • TWE Admin 28 October 2013

    @Jon W: This older presentation of Jim Beam Black had been matured for around 6 years. The newer edition, Jim Beam Black - Double Aged has been matured for 8 years, as you say. We will update this page if we receive stock of the 8 year old release.

  • Jon W 26 October 2013

    It's aged for 8 years, not "about 6" as the description above says (as of 26 Oct 2013). It's a definite step up from the "White" Jim Beam - much smoother and fuller-flavoured - and excellent value (especially from duty-free), although it's certainly not the best bourbon or US whiskey around - but you wouldn't expect it to be for the money.

  • Anonymous 12 November 2010

    I have had Woodford Rserve , Makers Mark and Kentucky 8 Benchmark - this out-dos all of them. I really love this, Similar to the white label with more length.

  • Anonymous 2 July 2010

    Its possible to locate the taste of Jim beam white in here but its been modified to a new level. It has an immense waft of hardwood and vanilla at first , then it opens up to caramel. Slightly more burn that white and indeed Jack Daniels, there is corn and leather and wood for sure. The aftertaste is mild wood and perhaps burned popcorn. Its a fantastic bourbon and perhaps my favourite alongside Woodford reserve which is considerably more pricey.

  • highmofo 4 March 2010

    Its a crazy crazy world we live in snap crackle and pop! it tingles all the taste buds.

  • Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews 30 December 2009

    The palate fulfils the promise made by the nose. Initial mild sweet corn. Following entry to the palate, the flavor moves to big, soaring oak, followed by, at the mid-palate point, wonderful, tremendous cleansing wafts of charcoal. The charcoal flavor is fantastic! Very cleansing! Last but not least, tsunami waves of vanilla wash across the palate.

  • Ben 10 December 2009

    This is a very smooth yet robust flavored whiskey. It goes down smooth with an almost tart after taste, which makes it hard to drink straight. This gentleman is best accompanied and suited. Overall a great product for a modest price.

  • Anonymous 2 September 2009

    White Label certainly a better starter but once you go black you never go back.

  • Oscardog 19 January 2009

    A true classic amongst the choice of a B Trace or my personal fav at this price point - Elijah Craig. Treacle and vanilla make for a rounded warmth when neat

  • kevbhoy 13 July 2008

    the best drink in the world

  • Radim 18 June 2008

    I like the white label more, its little sweeter and simpler with its taste. For someone who is new to bourbons - get the white Beam.

  • Anonymous 10 June 2008

    black is the best bourbon ever

  • Mike 15 February 2008

    Pretty darn good for the price.

  • househermit05 6 January 2008

    smooth and full of flavor far better than the white label

  • Sh0ck-Wave 17 August 2007

    If your new to Beam then start here, any Beam cheaper then this is 'kitch' at best. Still a difficult bourbon to drink straight, but mixed its a cracker. Buy two bottles as only one will disappear faster then you realise.