Jim Beam Rye

70cl / 40%
  • Straight Rye Whiskey
Jim Beam Rye
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A spicy rye, aged for four years and a long-time favourite of Jim Murray.


Jim Beam Rye Reviews

16 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    28 December 2018

    This is, without a doubt, the best tasting, smoothest rye I have ever had! I bought one bottle, now NO ONE HERE CARRIES IT ANYMORE!??

  • 5
    12 May 2017

    best tasting and smoothest whiskey ever more stock asap

  • 5
    14 March 2016

    Excellent, the best value Rye available in the UK. With the new bitters now being sold makes a brilliant Old Fashioned

  • Jimbo, SoCal 25 July 2012

    This is very good rye whiskey. It never pretends to hide its rye-ness, but still manages to remain balanced through the finish.

  • MB 13 June 2012

    If Manhattans are one of your favourite cocktails, then this is the perfect base. Hard to find a better or smoother Rye.

  • FM 28 March 2012

    Not readily available here in the UK, so had not seen it before. It was recommended as a good rye and having tasted wild turkey and decided it wasn't for me, I decided to give this a go without tasting it. Really glad I did! Great flavour and very smooth. There is an undeniable comparison with Jack Daniels but think of how you'd like and imagine JD _should_ taste and this would be it, IMO. Very, very drinkable.

  • packrat 16 March 2011

    I drink whisky. I love variety. My current favorite is Talisker, but the different flavours of this delicious straight rye means that currently I alternate.

  • Anonymous 2 July 2010

    Rye is not bourbon granted , indeed as most people who have just learned about bourbon via their first foray into wikipedia Jack Daniels is also not a bourbon too, but for all all intents and purposes its an American whiskey, argueing the semantics of where it is pidgeon holed is pointless. Lets just say I agree its a superb rye spicy and sharp, the best rye that I know of.

  • Martin Shillitoe 22 April 2010

    I am a big rye fan and this is a wonderful whiskey. The zesty lemon nose is fresh with a hint of orange peel and the taste is sharp with just the right amount of spicyness. For the price, this is hard to beat. Just got to add, why are people confusing this with bourbon(I'm looking at you Richard Murfin)? Straight Rye is NOT Bourbon nor is it a type of Bourbon. They are legally and physically different.

  • Mark (Cornwall) 12 February 2010

    I drink Bourbon, and only Bourbon, but I was Persuaded to try a few Rye Whiskeys. I was pleasently surprised by this Beauty. It is smooth and tastes real good. The only drawback I can find is, for some reason the bottle gets empty very quickly!

  • Anonymous 25 January 2010

    Its very special, not a typical bourbon, mild pepper and spicy, its a superb whiskey which as mentioned only has one downside - its availability. When i lived in Queensland it was readily available strangely. Richard Murfin.

  • Diamat 18 April 2009

    Please! More stock, a.s.a.p.

  • Oscardog 19 January 2009

    the only negative about this rye is the limited availability. So very different in terms of taste and body from the mainstream bourbons but so very rewarding. My first venture into the ryes and as yet unsurpassed to double the price for my palate. Lovely and memorable

  • Anonymous 10 January 2009

    unbelievable! the guy above is from the States and it took him 40 years of doing JD before he discovered JIM BEAM! Hello! knock knock! anybody there?! holly god!

  • Craig Hull, Clarinda Iowa / Kingman, Arizona 19 March 2008

    After nearly 40 years of suffering through bottle after bottle of Jack Daniels, with a few snobby jaunts into the single malt realm, i found Jim Beam. I thought that this had to be the very best whiskey in the entire world... then, i tried Jim Beam Rye and have found something that i simply buy in the case lot, so i never fear running out.

  • Tim Meyer, Ste. Genevieve Missouri 23 January 2008

    This is a very smooth whiskey and I recommend it to anyone who is a beginner with whiskey. I enjoyed it very much.