Knob Creek Small Batch

70cl / 50%
  • Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Knob Creek Small Batch
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Created to represent whiskey before it was mass produced, Knob Creek embodies the look, feel and taste of pre-prohibition bourbon. This is a long-aged, high-rye bourbon from Jim Beam.

Small Batch


  • Vanilla Vanilla
  • Cinnamon Cinnamon
  • Almond Almond
  • Oak Oak

Knob Creek Small Batch Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Producer's Tasting Notes

    • Aroma:

      Toasted nuts, grain oak.

    • Taste:

      Rich, sweet, woody, full-bodied, almost fruity.

    • Finish:

      Long, rich and glowing.

41 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    16 June

    This is a wonderful bourbon. It's really easy on the palate and has a smooth taste that makes it a really enjoyable drink

  • 4
    1 May

    First dram and I wish I hadn’t bought it. I had read they hype and built this up too much in my head I think. With each dram I’ve liked it more and more to the point where this is a thoroughly enjoyable whiskey which is worth it for the warm mouth feel alone.

  • 3
    10 February

    Classic bourbon but nothing special. Sweetness and oakiness dominates, and there's a spiciness at back of palate.

  • 4
    7 January

    Solid. Not the best Small Batch I've ever had... but would reccommend.

  • 5
    11 December 2018

    They're all good but only one can be the best quality and price point - this here is it.

  • 5
    19 November 2018

    As close to true bourbon as I can get; love the nose and I take it from there

  • 1
    14 September 2018

    Terrible - not worth the premium price

  • 5
    23 May 2018

    I love this stuff. Even with its 50% ABV it’s so smooth and easy drinking I can take it without ice or a drop of water, I even take it fishing with me in a hip flask because it’s such an easy drinker. Starts out sweet then finishes creamy and nutty with strong vanilla and oak spice notes. A quality crafted bourbon at a great price. If you haven’t had this yet you should buy some immediately for your bar. Cheers Knob Creek!

  • 5
    18 December 2017

    A great bourbon

  • 5
    9 November 2017

    This is a good Whiskey! Love it won't buy anything else

  • 5
    1 September 2017

    For straight drinking - it's hard to pass this up.

  • 4
    17 August 2017

    Excellent strong bourbon, easy drinking when served over the ice but nice taste and fantastic aftertaste-full flavour.

  • 4
    24 June 2017

    My go-to Bourbon perfect to drink straight or with a mixer. Full-flavoured, rich and robust tasting bourbon.

  • 4
    27 May 2017

    Just had my first taste, neat on ice, strong on the palate yet smooth on the oesophagus, great finish. Where's my valve amp and blues selection?

  • 5
    26 February 2017

    My default bourbon, can't fault it

  • 5
    16 February 2017

    A rather rude boqua, petulant, but not over bearing. All jokes aside it's a great serious brew excellent fantastic job It's my go to ;)

  • 3
    20 November 2016

    The flavors are not as smooth as i would have thought. The amazing aroma made me think it was going to be amazing but the flavor profile did not match. For a 9 year bottle i would think i would expect to taste more than alcohol and spice. I was thinking butterscotch and oak from the smell. Jim Beam Black was better in my opinion, for $10 less too.

  • 3
    14 October 2016

    Strong alcohol and spicy flavours, nice sipped neat but I prefer a sweeter bourbon.

  • 4
    26 April 2016

    Good sweet taste with a warming glow.

  • 5
    22 July 2015

    I tried this in a bar in Morehead Kentucky. Barman, gave me a shot, with a small glass of Ale8.. tasted amazing. I drank a fair amount of JD when I was in my 20''s, this is nothing like JD. Being over in Kentucky, its easy to get hold of and cheap! I can sip this neat, with some ice, or with Ale8, or with coke/pepsi. The maple tasting version is awesome in tea and coffee.. again that for me is drinkable neat. I dont think the proof really makes a difference as some people have mentioned. It tastes great, left me with a good after taste. My girlfriend loves that taste and I got a lot of very nice kisses from her after drinking... lol

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