Hine Antique XO
Premier Cru Cognac

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Hine Antique XO / Premier Cru Cognac
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Hine Antique XO has always been the connoisseurs' choice from the range - and now it's had an upgrade, so it should be even better. This Premier Cru has been aged a minimum 10 years and has been upgraded from Fine Champagne to Grande Champagne, meaning that all the eaux-de-vie used in the assemblage are from the best region of Cognac.

Please note the boxes have signs of minor wear and tear.
Grande Champagne

Hine Antique XO Reviews

8 Customer Reviews

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  • 5

    Gave Louie a run for its money for sure!

  • 5
    20 July

    Fantastic brandy my dad loves it

  • 3
    1 December 2017

    Second time I've bought Hine XO antique.... Not quite as smooth as I remember so I guess it will last a little longer. Delivery was prompt & on time.

  • 2
    17 October 2017

    I bought a Hine XO antique again after about 10 years. I was surprised at how sweet it was. Very disappointing. The sweetness ruins the quality of le grande champagne's best characteristics. Not worth the price of an XO product of a renowned brand such as Hine.

  • 5
    9 April 2016

    Excellent ! the very Best. I bought a bottle og HINE XO in 1989 in Florida and this Cognac was so smooth it just took my tongue away...

  • Berty 21 November 2012

    This fine brandy is also great without a cigar! It does however, invite me to think about smoking a fine Cuban stogie to complement this vintage. I was a long-time Remy man until a year ago, before switching to Hine: a smart move if I say so myself, and very rewarding indeed. The great tast of Hine urges me to splash out for the other vintage bottles. Ah well, roll on retirement, a good horse or a lottery win and who knows.

  • Anonymous 26 November 2010

    Hine (along with Paul Beau) make the best Cognac around, hands down. This is no exception

  • Edwin 7 October 2010

    Spicy with a touch of rancio, literally with no fruit or floral on the palate.Suitable with a cigar.