The Dubliner Irish Whiskey Liqueur

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The Dubliner Irish Whiskey Liqueur
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A deluxe Irish whiskey-based liqueur, the James Joyce-inspired Dubliner is a blend of honeycomb, caramel and whiskey flavours. Perfect for sweet-toothed whiskey fans.

The Dubliner Irish Whiskey Liqueur Reviews

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  • 5
    31 July

    It is the Best Whiskey Liqueur I have Ever Tasted I Have been drinking it now for about 2yrs and My Friends and I have gone thru about 25 Bottles My Friends all go for this Beautiful drink now

  • 5
    29 July

    Lovely drink. will buy more, very easy to drink.

  • 5
    29 June

    Honeycomb whisky is SPLENDID !!!Tasted it in Belfast and I'm gonna stock up..

  • 5
    18 April

    Great Irish Whiskey! Smooth with an excellent flavor.

  • 5
    7 April

    Most flavourful whiskey I've ever tasted, at a great price to boot. My new favourite.

  • 5
    13 March

    Absolutely gorgeous. So smooth and full of flavour. And a great price too.

  • 5
    30 December 2015

    A sniffer of heaven. Brought a bottle home from Ireland and only share with terrific friends!!

  • 5
    13 October 2015

    My partner discovered this drink when he went to dublin for his 30th. He absolutly loves this. We order a bottle off here every now and again. Also buy it as a present for his friends who also love this drink.

  • 5
    6 September 2015

    Wife and I discovered this on our first trip to Ireland in 2014. Quickly fell in love with it brought a bottle home. Too bad its not available in the US.

  • 5
    1 September 2015

    I stole this out of my old mans liqueur cabinet as he doesn''t drink whiskey! but if you love honey comb and caramel in an alcoholic state this is it... almost drank it in one sitting over ice.... very nice

  • 5
    11 April 2015

    Wow I could hug a bottle all night

  • 4
    24 March 2015

    Bloody beautiful

  • 5
    1 March 2015

    very very nice

  • 5
    18 December 2014

    excellent flavor with the kick of whisky a good purchase. like it a lot

  • 5
    27 September 2014

    my mom went to London brought back a bottle to the it.

  • jihad attie sydney - australia 26 January 2014

    Awesome. Freeze it and try it with a good Cuban

  • John 7 January 2014

    Myself and a pal bought two glasses without knowing what it would taste like in the Orchard in Rathfarnham on St Stephens night and we were blown away. We then bought four more glasses two for our wives and they were also blown away, so four converts to this fantastic drink. I have also been recommending it to all my friends since.

  • Anonymous 4 January 2014

    A dear friend of mine who loves Irish Whiskey purchased this bottle by accident, thinking that it was only a whiskey. Upon opening the bottle we had no idea what to expect. Just the smell once the cork is pulled is simply beautiful. Amazing Whiskey based Liqueur. Definitely one of my favourite drinks. Best accident ever in my opinion. All that glory for only $40AUD (Australian dollars) Simply gorgeous.

  • Dan 16 December 2013

    Fantastic flavour! The smell is incredible, probably the best Whiskey liqueur I have had.

  • Steve. 22 Feb. 2013 22 February 2013

    Have to agree with all reviews before me. Just a nice smooth finisher to a good night.

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