Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash 1
Half Bottle

37.5cl / 62.5%
  • Unaged American Spirit
Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash 1 / Half Bottle
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The fad for distilleries releasing their new make spirit continues, this time in the form of Buffalo Trace's 'White Dog', the affectionate name given to unaged whiskey. Competitively-priced and attractively packaged, we reckon that Buffalo Trace's extra style credentials could well see this becoming a hit cocktail ingredient.


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  • Anonymous 8 May 2014

    I will agree this very unique to me it has sort of popcorn/yeast taste, i didn't have any burn at all but then again I regularly drink real bourbon, the kick wasn't bad either. All that said not something I would buy again not a traditional taste at all.

  • Anonymous 11 December 2013

    This product is outstanding !!! White Dog is "unique" very special and is so different to other whiskeys. It is very smooth and so strong the only negative thing I have to say is avout this product is that it could be very addictive as it is such an amazing product, if you like whiskey then you have not lived until you try white dog it truly is the best whiskey on planet earth !!! I also love the bottle as it looks very much like a prescription bottle that a doctor would give out to patients!

  • Dan 25 May 2011

    This is an expensive curiosity at best. It has an unpleasantly strong corn flavour, some good grain tastes in the finish, and is full of feints. It would be great to know if this is exactly Buffalo Trace Bourbon, but unaged, or a slightly modified recipe/expression. If it is the former, it is a good (but again, a rather expensive) illustration of the effects of aging and oaking on a spirit. If it is the latter, it is a cynical gimmick.

  • Mikey 6 October 2010

    Brought this out to a works do, as is the custom to bring unusual drinks where i work. Burns like the fires of Hades (but in a good way). Thoroughly recommended (good with mixers too) but bear in mind the half size!