Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old

70cl / 46.3%
  • Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Distillery Bottling
Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old
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A giant leap forward for Bunnahabhain 12yo, this edition was launched in summer 2010 with a jump in strength to 46.3% and a declaration of no chill-filtration and no added colouring. Enormous credit goes to Burn Stewart for giving punters what they want without jacking up the price too much and we earnestly hope that this will be a massive success. Bravo!
Distillery Bottling
12 Year Old


  • Body
  • Richness
  • Smoke
  • Sweetness


  • Vanilla Vanilla
  • Cherry Cherry
  • Smoke Smoke
  • Cream Cream
  • Oak Oak

Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by Billy A

    Nose: briny and earthy, with camphor, apples, sea salt, a hint of oranges and salted caramel.

    Palate: syrupy in texture with vanilla and a light smokiness, more woody than peaty. Water brought out more sweet creamy vanilla and some perfume from the wood, as well as some sticky glacé cherry.

    Finish: dry with woody spice.

66 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    2 August

    Another beautiful malt

  • 5
    30 June

    Great malt. One of my favourites for uner ?40. It has good body palate and nose without the strong TCP hint that you get from some Islays.

  • 4
    16 May

    "Nose" (undiluted) Light peat, garden fresh mint, piping hot brewed black tea, and a touch of loam. Sherry lurking in the background. Sherry? Yeah, in an Islay malt? I know. Bewildering, but more about that later. "Palate" (undiluted) Spicy dark red fruits of plum, Moroccan dates, figs delivered courtesy of aging in fine sherry casks. But, this is not simply a sherried dram! The sherry notes are lightly peated. The peat action is not your usual over-the-top Islay blast but rather evoking pleasing dry, flint-like, weathered beach stone, graphite taste. "Finish" (undiluted) Sweet malt lingers with oak, tarragon and rosemary. Wet wood beach bonfire smoke too. A faint echo of peat.

  • 5
    26 March

    Seriusly great malt! This sherry-matured islay malt is one of the Best whiskies i have ever tasted. I give it my highest of recomendations. The sherry isn't a overcoat or overpowering in any way. Simply a compliment to the malt itself! But watch out, there seem to be sine problems with the 12yo in the American marked (they seem to be of pour quality). But here In Denmark, everything seems to be just fine (quality wise). Sl?inte!

  • 2
    14 February

    Disappointing...inoffensive but lacking in any distinct flavour.

  • 5
    31 December 2015

    Lovely and smooth with a hint of peat but not overly so. A lovely whisky to sit in front of a roaring fire with. To Mr A. Hunt - I imagine you're taste buds have been shot to death with cheap low grade alcohol

  • 2
    25 December 2015

    A thoroughly plebian product. Low-grade rotgut, with a hint of peat smoke, nothing on the phenol count, and a rough body. Hints of cork and dirt, marginally more palatable with water.

  • 4
    22 December 2015

    A good price and very different taste compared to other Isley whiskys out there. It's not the smokiest of its kind but one that has an iteresting yet pleasant taste about it. It's a good one for the collection!

  • 5
    20 December 2015

    Scotland my haim - as is bunnahabhain the only drink for me - (please note it is whisky wi' out the 'e') A fine point, but this is to fine a malt to be called 'whiskey'.

  • 5
    19 December 2015

    Just my taste - smooth, rounded and a hint of smoke

  • 4
    15 December 2015

    Makes for a wonderful dram after a long days work. A few drops of water really unlocks it, and it is a fabulous introduction to the Islays for those (like myself) who are used to Speysiders. The hint of vanilla smoke and sea salt beg for this whisky to be enjoyed on a rocky shore in the cool autumn.

  • 5
    5 December 2015

    For the price, you can't beat it! One of my favourite whiskys A beautiful smooth scotch with a creamy smokey fruity texture and a fabulous long finish. Just buy it and try for yourself.

  • 5
    19 October 2015

    I love the Bunnahabhain 12 year old!! Every time I fly and land in a good duty free shop (the ones in USA - SUCK!), I look for the Bunnahabhain. Its just a touch smokey but so smooth that it will make you want to slap your.....(insert whomever). I was introducted as the lowest peaty level scotch on the market. I love some peat just not anything like Laphroig or the like. To me B gets me both worlds a bit of peat but not so over powering that kills the experience.

  • 5
    29 September 2015

    I basically blind tasted it. I got coastal with fruit Blackberries.

  • 5
    26 September 2015

    I''m writing this in the wake of my mother''s passing last night at The mighty age of 92. Sitting in her study after an evening with my 3 sisters reminiscing, and sipping this 12 YO, which I bought to open with my bro-in-law because my surname, Hain, makes up a third of "Bunnahabhain". A world away from the old 12, and reminiscent of a dry sherried Speysider with added seasalt. . I call this the "Islay Mortlach " and pour myself a third, or is it a fourth?

  • 5
    17 September 2015

    About as good as it gets for the price. If you like the tasting notes of course. If you are looking for peat, there is none to be found.

  • 5
    8 September 2015

    what i like is the lightness of the smoke, even though i prefer more smokey Islay''s this has something special. its a wonderful whisky and well worth the money

  • 4
    2 September 2015

    Amazing cream and vanilla notes, unlike i''ve ever tasted. At 46% this really has an impressive finish, very long and smooth, spectacular. Make this bottle last and you will not regret buying.

  • 5
    22 August 2015

    For a 12 year old (and I''m not saying whiskies that aren''t 21-29 years old are inferior by default...I simply mean compared to others in the 12 year age class)-- this simply doesn''t get any better, only different. I''m an experienced and well read whiskey enthusiast, and know that 1st hand experience is far more valuable than reading tasting notes (so go buy one!). I use 3 palatting techniques (critical to experiment with!). I pay attention to what foods I eat might subtly affect a particular whiskey I sip even an hour or more after a meal, I pioneer food pairings as well...I''m no noobie, and I say that this is perfectly balanced, perfection in a bottle. About palatting techniques (briefly), find a very, very dry whiskey, and experiment with different palatting techniques until you can make it taste sweet-- because whatever flavors might be revealed in doing so, will only be enjoyed IF, you do so...experiment with various ways you sip, and swallow (never gulp even a small sip! Swallow it in 2-3 miniature intervals while palatting). Yes, that was the brief explanation, have fun learning the rest :) This is the best era Bunnahabhain has seen in a decade, I appreciate the fine attention to detail from this distillery lately-- it''s never been better in my experience. Looong finish for a 12 too! Highly recommend even to those weary of Islays. :)

  • 4
    21 March 2015

    A superious staple whiskey. A decent, affordable whiskey to be enjoyed at any time during the year. Always have one in the cupboard.

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