Ledaig 10 Year Old

70cl / 46.3%
  • Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Distillery Bottling
Ledaig 10 Year Old
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Peaty whisky from Tobermory on the Isle of Mull, named after a previous incarnation of the distillery. Maritime and smoky, this rivals some of the Islay drams for power, and the 10 year old balances the intensity of youth with rounded, well-aged spirit.
Distillery Bottling
10 Year Old
Chill Filtered


  • Body
  • Richness
  • Smoke
  • Sweetness


  • Lemon Lemon
  • Brine Brine
  • Oil Oil
  • Smoke Smoke

Ledaig 10 Year Old Reviews

23 Customer Reviews

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  • 2
    4 January

    It tastes very unusual, perhaps it's for the more experienced malt taster sorry for me i get a very clinical and a disinfectant taste as I say is it myself or is it normal. Mr Ward, Worcs

  • 5
    1 January

    Depth and complexity that belies its price. A good friend who knows I like Ardbeg 10 yo bought me this for Xmas and I can't believe how good a drink it is. So good in fact I've just treated myself to a bottle of 18yo. If you like a good Islay malt then you have to try Ledaig 10 as this malt from Mull holds its own.

  • 4
    27 December 2017

    Trying this dram for the first time and time is what I taste. Mellow and smooth with just the right smoke. Got this for xmas with a tasting glass.

  • 5
    26 December 2017

    An excellent whiskey gem that I’m keeping secret from some of my malt buddies... my second bottle as good as the first AND at a good price.

  • 5
    23 November 2017

    Leading 10 year old is smooth with smokey peat and perfect for those special occasions.

  • 5
    27 October 2017

    I am not rich. Therefore, I am not a Scotch Whiskey pedant. Who am I to judge? I'll tell you who... A guy who just loves this Ledaig from Tobermory more than any I have tasted! Great whiskey at a good price!

  • 5
    22 August 2017

    Ledaig - a lucky discovery first time around, this bottle is just as good as the first !

  • 4
    4 June 2016

    Medium bodied. N-smoke, iodine, malt, porridge, vanilla P-salty, smokey, peppery and spicy, F-fairly long, peat smoke, chilli spicy, salty. Not quite Ardbeg 10 but a nice peated whisky.

  • 4
    16 May 2016

    "Nose" (undiluted) Mildly antiseptic, loam, earthen, smokey and nicely peated. "Palate" (undiluted) Salty, fresh raw oysters, iodine, rich seawater, a ginger/sulphur sweetness lurks too, and is complimented by tart salt notes of sea foam. The loam and earthen notes of the nose come through on the palate too. Peat? Yes, of course. It is peated, but not over the top. This is not Laphroaig or Ardbeg. However, there is more intensity than say Bowmore 12. This shares a lot in common with Isle of Jura offerings. I can see where Black Bottle gets its magic. "Finish" (undiluted) Ginger and kippers transition into a cloud of black smoke rising up from a bunch of damp branches burning down on the beach on a cold winter's day. The length of the finish is truly impressive. It hangs forever!

  • 4
    10 March 2016

    Powerfully Grand And I do enjoy the Islay Malts, so this one holds its own.

  • 5
    29 December 2015

    being a fan of the Tobermory 10yr old my daughter bought a bottle of this for me for christmas. This is superb and has a very smooth taste, loads of flavours to savour. These Tobermory whiskies really are excellent and are not coloured or chill filtered. My favorites.

  • 5
    23 November 2015

    Only ten years old? Very good, complex. Excellent vfm, punches well above its weight. Not too far off the Ardbeg Corryvrekan/Uegidal.

  • 3
    8 August 2015

    Nose: Peaty, iodine, medicinal, brine, kelp, malty, faint sherry, cacao, cinnamon, nutmeg Taste: peppery, burnt sugar, mellow muted sweetness Finish: licorice root, smoky peat, complex, fairly long finish Opens up nicely over time in the glass. The peat shifts a bit to the side after a time both on the nose and on the palate giving the other flavors a chance.

  • 5
    25 December 2014

    Fabulous peaty flavour , wonderful with crackers and cambert

  • Des 24 April 2013

    I have been an avid malt drinker for many , many years. Cutting to the chase I have never found anything that touches this for enjoyment and value. Yes it's got terrfic nose , yes its very drnkable etc etc, but you would have to go a long way to beat this for sheer enjoyment value.

  • Peter Piper 26 July 2012

    Just trying this dram for the first time and time is what I taste. Mellow and smooth with just the right smoke. Its 28 degrees in Nottingham but its cool in the bottle.

  • Christian 22 July 2012

    Easily my favourite whisky. Tim is right it does go down too easy. Wonderful.

  • Cobrito 24 May 2012

    Stunned by how good this is. Gives the Islay standards a run for their money. Distinctive blend of creasote peat, vanilla, and citrus fruit. Gutsy in that it's not for everyone, but sublime for those who like it.

  • eliza watson 14 April 2012

    great whisky, I loved it, it is quite possibly my favourite now

  • Stewie Ramone 28 January 2012

    Loving this. Nice peat flavors. A Step up from the none age statement bottle. Spending the extra years in the cask shows.

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