Drambuie 15 Year Old Whisky Liqueur

100cl / 43%
Drambuie 15 Year Old Whisky Liqueur / Litre
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Drambuie's longer-aged whisky liqueur, made with whiskies aged for at least 15 years and with all the extra depth of flavour and general tastiness you'd hope that implies.
15 Year Old

Drambuie 15 Year Old Whisky Liqueur Reviews

9 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    11 July 2016

    Best wisky ever!!!

  • 5
    24 April 2015

    We have been thoroughly enjoying this very special whisky. Will be so glad when it is available again.

  • TWE Admin 10 November 2011

    Sid: I think you mean the 80proof version, 40% ABV, which sounds like the regular Drambuie.

  • Sid - Brighton Sussex 9 November 2011

    Nice nice nice... Whatever happened to the 80% version.. Hmmm !

  • TWE Admin 3 October 2011

    anonymous: 80proof (US) is 40% ABV, which is the strength of the current Drambuie. This one is 43%, 86proof.

  • Anonymous 2 October 2011

    What happened to the 80proof... went to the store to replace my bottle and only the 40proof is available...?? Should I be looking for something else? We love this, but the new one is going to taste like a Tuaca (very light and watered down taste) compared to the old Drambuie.

  • DBK 15 February 2011

    Can you bring back the Black Label? We loved it in Canada. Was it a one time thing? I hope not.

  • Anonymous 6 February 2011

    Love the regular, but this is just so much more flavoured with fine notes of single malts. Outstanding.Bent, Germany, 6 Jan 2011

  • MalC. 8 December 2010

    O.K. love Drambuie was addicted to Black Ribbon but ... just bring back the Black Ribbon they got it right with that.