Aberlour 10 Year Old

70cl / 40%
  • Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Distillery Bottling
Aberlour 10 Year Old
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Aberlour 10yo is a great entry-level malt, ideal for beginners, with a fine sherried spiciness. Pound for pound, this is one of the best that Speyside has to offer.

Distillery Bottling
10 Year Old


  • Body
  • Richness
  • Smoke
  • Sweetness


  • Cinnamon Cinnamon
  • Raisins Raisins
  • Honey Honey
  • Malt Malt

Aberlour 10 Year Old Reviews

66 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    15 June

    Amazing – a lovely scotch with a hint of peat and a sweet finish.

  • 5
    4 January

    I'm still a novice in the whisky tasting, compared to some of the reviewers but thoroughly enjoyed this whisky smooth, a nice taste of vanilla and toffee as advertised.

  • 5
    2 September 2018

    Malt, burnt coffee beans, pepper & a fantastic sweet finish on the throat – superb.

  • 4
    23 June 2018

    A pleasant entry level single malt. For me, it does everything you expect from a whisky in its class. I found that the nose was the main event but the development on the palate was a little thin. But for the price tag, you can’t go far wrong.

  • 4
    17 May 2018

    Creamy and comforting. I bought it in summer and will be waiting to taste it in proper winter as i'm sure it will taste even better. Overall a very good whisky. Plus the price is very good.

  • 5
    16 March 2018

    Shocked at how good this is for what it can be picked up for. Not going to rip up any trees but nothing to not like here. More of an every day dram.

  • 3
    27 January 2018

    Nothing special but decent.. nowhere close to the 12

  • 5
    16 November 2017

    I am a fan of the 12 year old so I wanted to taste the 10. it is defintely a good entry level scotch. has a great color and a good nose. a great sweet taste. the only slight negative if any it doesn't have a long finish it doesn't linger to much after having drunk it and it goes down your throat. but still overall a excellent entry level whisky or for people who like sweet whisky.

  • 3
    11 November 2017

    Good nose, strong raisin and honey. Taste is quite simple, intense cinnamon. Very bland after taste.

  • 4
    25 March 2017

    Fantastic for beginners like me. The taste of cinnamon is so intense. I loved this Whisky.

  • 3
    5 March 2017

    Lovely whisky.. great for beginners looking for a cheap easy sherried style whisky .. the description is spot on..

  • 5
    1 January 2017


  • 5
    6 November 2016

    Top notch. Fantastic smooth,yet full flavoured. I would recommend it every time

  • 3
    28 September 2016

    Varies far too much from bottle to bottle. I've had absolute cracking bottles of Aberlour 10 and I've also had terrible ones. Great whisky when you have a good bottle but too inconsistent to be a go to single malt. OK place to start if you can pick it up for 20 notes.

  • 4
    7 April 2016

    A great whisky for the price a soft sherry taste all the way through . Always have a bottle at home . An everyday whisky.

  • 4
    7 January 2016

    Good whiskey, lots of character but might be a bit heavy on the nose for some. Overall, i really like rhis whiskey, 12 years are a lot refined but, for the price i would say its a good deal. My all time favourite as a budget whiskey cant go wrong.

  • 4
    21 November 2015

    As a non-whiskey drinker, I found this the best of all I have tried. ( Bought as part of an introduction to whiskey pack) I would recommend to any other non- whiskey drinker, as a gateway whiskey. That said, it does lack a pinch of character though, especially in the aftertaste.

  • 1
    24 July 2015

    Last time I tasted (10/2014) Aberlour 10 yo, it was really badly sulfured. They should never had that batch leave the distillery. It''s sad because 10 yo has always been a great malt. The sulfur problem is a big issue in the whisky industry, because of growing volumes and lack of quality sherry casks. Distilleries never talk about it, fortunately we have Jim.

  • 4
    4 June 2015

    Not a bad Dram at all. The youngess does imditaly hit you on the nose and the taste , but 2 Teaspoons of water and this Dram really does come to life. Delicious and sweet the Raisin and Honey are unmistakable. Fantastic purchase for the price.

  • 5
    23 February 2015

    Tastes like a Robert Frost poem...after a sip, my mind can only picture late fall/early winter walks home to a little cabin in the woods. Comforting, sweet, gentle...no doubt a great choice newcomers to the world of single malt whisky like myself. Lots of fruit and vanilla, with just a tiny bite near the end. Miles above Glenfiddich and Glenlivet in my humble opinion.

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