Shackleton's Discovery
Mackinlay's Rare Old Highland Malt

70cl / 47.3%
  • Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
Shackleton's Discovery / Mackinlay's Rare Old Highland Malt
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A faithful replica of Ernest Shackleton's whisky, which was discovered under the Antarctic explorer's abandoned hut after being buried under the ice for a century. Mackinlay's Rare Old Highland Malt has been painstakingly recreated by Whyte & Mackay's Master Blender Richard Paterson at the original strength of 47.3%. A real collector's item, this whisky has been one of the most interesting whisky stories of the last few years and pre-release anticipation has been huge. We're delighted to report that the recreation of this historic brand is a massive success: elegant, yet powerful and incredibly tasty.


Shackleton's Discovery Reviews

13 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    12 June 2017

    A great re-creation, smooth, full flavor. Have been saving 3 bottles for a special occasion, but incredibly, was able to have a couple of drams this spring when I was in Punta Arenas, Chile (Patagonia/Straits of Magellan) in the Shackleton Bar, Hotel Jos? Nogueira. History at two levels! Excellent taste and flavor.

  • 5
    2 June 2017

    awesome, Macallan 18yr old and this are unbeatable, Shackleton has been one of my motivational hero's so ive had to drink 5 bottles after an endurance event, still have 2 left. best time to drink it is when it snows and in front of an outdoor fire pit

  • 4
    18 March 2017

    Very good. I was expecting this to not be very good value, given the history attached to the whisky creation and the outstanding blended malts in this price bracket that it would compete with. Very balanced, integrated and complex with a hot finish.

  • 2
    28 February 2017

    Totally not at all like the one at Channing's. If you ever get the chance to actually taste the real thing , there is NO comparing as to the ultimate smoothness and the lasting peaty of the original. I guess I will have to go back to Scotland...

  • 5
    13 February 2017

    A good dram for the price.I was able to get both issues at markdown prices.I do a shot every year on my and my fathers birthdays.At my age it's one of the only reasons to look forward to birthdays.

  • 5
    16 February 2015

    Very elegant and refined. You can taste the Orkney peat. Uncle Earnie would be very proud

  • 5
    27 December 2014

    Magical! Could drown in the taste. Given as a very special Christmas present after a bad year.

  • 5
    10 July 2014

    Glorious. My 2nd (and 3rd) bottle of it so far. Undoubetedly will drink more of it when these are done.

  • S. R. Michelson 22 September 2011

    Whisky was better back then. There is no other way to explain it. If you love scotch whisky, you must taste this. It may seem expensive, but only until you get your nose in that glass. then you will know you are in for a treat.

  • Murdo McDonald 13 July 2011

    Well, i would just like to claim for myself that i believe i am the youngest man to ever try this whisky!So down to what i know about tasting at 18years old, i found it very sweet to begin with, and as the whisky passed down, i could taste the peaty flavours coming in over after. As i drag my way through my dram, i then noticed how it became apparent how spicy the whisky was as you drank more.

  • Michael, Belfast 4 May 2011

    I agree with Ray.Fantastic whisky.It was suprising 'modern' in how it tasted..I was expecting something heavier and oilier, but this is light,clean and superb. Its clear that Whyte and Mackay have gone to a lot of time and trouble in presenting this recreation. The box and packaging are faultless..the whisky sublime. I bought one bottle and on tasting it, ordered a second to keep( or try to keep!. This would make a great and unique gift for someone.

  • John toonsquirel 28 April 2011

    This's the first £100 bottle I've bought n it's special indeed, unlike any other whisky. I love so much i have also bought 2 more bottles, 1 to sell for a tidy profit which in a few years will be no bother as im certain all reviews will be praising it n for all there is 50000 bottles that's still less than the snow Phoenix n how hards that to get now? n this 1 is far superior. I recommend u buy 2 bottles as its too nice to collect but too rare to drink!

  • Ray Vandick 17 April 2011

    Fantastic! One of the richest, most complex scotches its been my pleasure to taste. Very unique. Likewise it's nose was equally tantalizing I was almost content just breathing in it's spicy bouquet. Presentation in the period box added a nice touch, complete with secondary cork in a tiny burlap sack.Just ordered two to hold on to (or try to hold--it is a collector's item after all) and one to have as a gift. This is an amazing scotch.