Buffalo Trace Bourbon

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  • Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Buffalo Trace Bourbon
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Buffalo Trace is a really classy bourbon from the eponymous distillery that has been responsible for some truly outstanding products in recent years. A must-stock for any bar worthy of the name and probably the best all-rounder at the price

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Reviews

32 Customer Reviews

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  • 4
    3 July

    Was not disappointed. Smooth, I get the leather, sugary notes, long dry finish. A great nightcap.

  • 5
    24 June

    Thanks to the reviews on this site, I was able to make my plunge into the world of bourbons, a successful one. Buffalo Trace is an exceptional way to start. Smooth, balanced and thoroughly enjoyable.

  • 5
    24 May

    Gmo free bourbon from USA. And these days that's a rare thing. On top of that it's a great dram. HIGHLY recommend!

  • 4
    5 March

    I typically drink single malts.. either big sherry style or peated and rarely drink bourbons.. but when I do?.... its buffalo trace I go to! Really great whisky and often on offer near me too.. I always keep a bottle on hand! Great bourbon

  • 5
    22 November 2016

    Normally drink Jack Daniels but now have been introduced to Buffalo Trace and OMG it is Amazing!

  • 4
    5 October 2016

    Million times better than JD. Don't mix it with coke though..have some respect! Good to sip on the rocks or even better in an old fashioned!

  • 3
    29 September 2016

    Ok, nothing special, mild flavours.

  • 5
    14 September 2016

    The best whiskey ever to grace the earth.

  • 4
    12 March 2016

    Terrific whisky. My first bourbon after fancying trying one instead of adding another scotch to my cabinet. I love the almost Rioja vanilla & oaky nose and the taste is surprisingly not too sweet and the sherried finish is great.

  • 3
    24 February 2016

    This is a NAS product. It is also a low rye mashbill. Bourbons cannot compete with the malts, since Age Statements generally stop where Age Statements for Malts begin. One can purchase bourbon which has more robust flavor for 1/3rd less approximately. In the US, Bonded means for Bourbon a minimum 4 years in a govt. warehouse, and distillery and bottler identified on each bottle. BT is not Bonded. I sooner have Bushmill's Black Bush - it has the nose, palate and finish above the BT at the same price.

  • 5
    26 January 2016

    Lovely sipping bourbon. Sweet fruit cake taste with a very smooth finish. For the money it's one of the best you can buy, puts some of the higher priced products to shame.

  • 3
    27 November 2015

    Just bought a bottle, yes it isn't the most expensive of Bourbons, and was bought for a weekly evening sipping with feet up reading a book. Slightly disappointing to be honest. It tastes watery, not much body. Smells great and much better than Jack D. Not bad but not great. I guess you gets what you pay for.

  • 5
    25 May 2015

    Excellent bourbon. Smooth and not at all cloying. Far superior to the mainstream ''trendy'' brands.

  • 4
    22 May 2015

    Nice enough bourbon. Compared to some, in or slightly above this in terms of price, it is a little rough around the edges however a smooth finish makes up for this. If ?20 is all you want to spend, then it is a good solid choice. Only piece of advice, it really does improve with an ice cube

  • 5
    21 May 2015

    I love it. The best of the trendy bourbons!

  • 5
    15 April 2015

    The nicest bourbon I have had to date. Picked this up when it was first introduced and I now cannot be without a bottle in the house. Tried other, more expensive bourbons but this draws top trump.

  • 4
    13 December 2014


  • 5
    20 November 2014

    I'm not well versed in the world of Bourbons, however this is by far my favorite Bourbon I have tasted to date. I still come back to it even after trying others out there. At the price as well it's a bargain. It holds it's flavor however you have it. I prefer to sip it straight, however with a cube or two of ice it is still excellent. I wouldn't put coke it in however, show some respect, it isn't JD.

  • 5
    4 November 2014

    Love it but only had the UK version… until tonight when my US based inlaws bring back a Stateside bottling. Looking forward to it. Great value and so much flavour compared to the poor big namers. My other fav is eagle rare but that is a good 12? more expensive.

  • 5
    25 August 2014

    Exceptional Bourbon, much nicer than the bog standard JD that is more than often used to make due with... Has a good, long lasting taste that is not too strong nor too subtle

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