Aberlour A'bunadh
Batch 29

70cl / 59.9%
  • Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Distillery Bottling
Aberlour A'bunadh / Batch 29
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A really great dram at a very reasonable price for cask-strength whisky of this exceptional quality. Aberlour a'bunadh is hugely sherried and intensely flavoured: a whisky to cherish.

Please Note

  • Batch numbers and strengths vary for this bottling.
Distillery Bottling
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Aberlour A'bunadh Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes from Whiskyfun (Serge Valentin)

    One of these famous malts that make us lesser mortals tremble. Batches #11 and 15 have been my favourites so far, let’s see if #20 will join them in the pantheon.

    Colour: deep amber with brownish/orangey hues.

    Nose: oloroso galore! Very big notes of raisins, chocolate, prunes, cherry liqueur, cloves... All that is nicely dry and even a tad smoky but that may well come from the alcohol. With water: it gets a bit more herbal and slightly wild as well as meatier. Is that English brown sauce?

    Mouth (neat): very powerful of course but not undrinkable, quite astonishingly. Big sherry, big raisins, hints of mint and chlorophyll, litres of kirsch (just like when you put your nose over a demijohn)... But let’s not tempt fate – so, with water: gets more herbal again, with notes of thyme and rosemary, sage, bay leaves... Also quite maltier and even a little smoky. Finish: long, coating, elegant (yes) and spicier (pepper and ginger). Shoo, to the pantheon!  90 points.

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  • Anonymous 1 September 2012

    I got batch 37 great test , lucky me

  • D.J.Scott 9 November 2011

    Batch 25. So smooth and creamy. Reminded me of tablet, dark chocolate and spiced fruit.

  • Anonymous 20 July 2011

    An ancient mystic cloaked in the Scarlett gown of a bejewelled cardinal....

  • Dave Morris 17 July 2010

    Just started on a bottle from batch no. 30, and I'm loving it as much as my bottles from 15 and - I think - 20 previously.I too am really quite happy to drink this one neat - gorgeous stuff!

  • Terry Fitzgerald Australia 24 June 2010

    Batch 23 - 60.2% - would have to be one of the best whiskys I have had the pleasure of tasting. Great aroma and palate. Certainly enjoyed 24/7.

  • Sergey, Russia 14 June 2010

    Stunned by whisky! The best that I tried for today. Only Ardbeg Uigeadail can compete with this drink. Aroma simply knocks down. Taste fantastic. Drink not diluted! Otherwise loses half of charm.

  • J.Mackenzie 30 May 2010

    I would suggest that this is a man's whisky. Very full bodied and with a potent character. The strength is more than apparent but add an ice cube and float on the slight sweetness and hints of peaty smokiness. Glad I bought this bottle...

  • pete 4 May 2010

    Batch no. 29 @ 59.9% now in Seattle, WA, USA... a no-brainer buy: all the evocative complexity described in earlier reviews (raisin, cedar chest, mint, chocolate, oloroso staves), with the cask-strength to kick one's a**.

  • Anonymous 14 April 2010

    This is fabulous stuff. I like it neat.

  • Nouveau jeune amateur FRANCE 25 December 2009

    Une d?couverte, un vrai regal, domaine que je ne connaissais pas. Un whisky n?xxx appelle forc?ment un autre n?xxxx

  • Gary 24 December 2009

    GOB SMACKED that you can buy such a smooth, potent whisky at this price. Worthy to grace any collection. I really can't believe the price for this quality.

  • greetings from poland 5 December 2009

    i bought this among 5 other bottles of your site and after tasting it im putting it away so that nobody can see it. This is a gem, if i could i would drink it all the time. put some water in it (mine was batch 27 60,1%) and you will sail away. buy it enjoy it!

  • Bill 21 November 2009

    I am not a whisky buff but,this nectar, is an exquisite whisky. The aromas and the flavours are wonderful. My son and my son-in-law were both amazed by it. I`ve bought them each a bottle,so now they have my favourite dram when I visit them. I like it as they do with a drop of water. Just what does the more aged and expensive ones taste like! Tell you what,we`ll buy a bottle between us and find out.

  • Harry in Cumbria 7 November 2009

    just about to crack open a batch 25 at 60.4%. I stumbled across it at batch 18 (56%?) and decided it was the best of two hundred or so other brands that I'd had previously. Let down with a hint of water is nectar. It's the one for me.

  • Mac?maleren 30 October 2009

    anyone tastet batch no 18

  • rwbenjey 25 October 2009

    This stuff kicked my palate to crap. I like a little bit of sweetness but this tasted like someone added a fair amount of maple syrup to a helping of sherry; over the top. For what it is, a speyside, it's probably the most rich, flavorful dram from that region But, it's not for me. I think I will stick with my Islay and Highland malts.

  • TheDouglas 23 October 2009

    I bought a few of these: batches 6, 9, 12. Working on 12 even now. God knows I drink it slow but it drinks exceedingly fine. I wish I could get more of 12.

  • Jack, Arizona 5 October 2009

    I had the 19th batch, also a great one:)

  • Byron Forsyth 29 August 2009

    I just purchased my second bottle of Aberlour a'bunadh,batch #23,will take it on test run tonight for supper. I'm sure it will be just as exciting as my first experience, excellent. Byron-Canada Aug./29/09

  • whiskygalore123 27 August 2009

    whisky blender for chivas bro's for the past 15 years. this whisky is a pain to make but a pleasure to drink. for the die hard's, drink it straight but be warned ( powerful stuff ) best with a large ice cube left to melt and breath. any comments or if you need advise contact at [email protected]

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