Akashi Blended Whisky

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Akashi Blended Whisky
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A lesser-known whisky outside the local Japanese market, this version of Akashi is specially produced for the European market using a mixture of Japanese and foreign-made malt and grain whisky to produce a reasonably priced everyday blend.


Akashi Blended Whisky Reviews

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  • 2
    6 February

    This whisky gives Japanese whiskies a bad name. There's not much here other than alcohol.

  • 4
    24 December 2018

    Have it without water or ice...... Pretty Good!

  • 5
    29 September 2018

    Wonderful whisky! Great bouquet of fruity flavors with a nice smoky finish.

  • 2
    4 February 2018

    I'll second the reviewer who said this is only a bouquet of alcohol. There's very little here. It's thin and underdeveloped - decent, maybe, for mixing, but not much else.

  • 4
    20 December 2017

    A pretty smooth drink with very a floral aftertaste, and to go on sounding pretentious I loved the initial hint of cherries and honey when you take the first sip. Overall a very enjoyable drink.

  • 4
    14 November 2017

    excellent blend of east and west. nice touch was flavors

  • 4
    8 August 2017

    I was impressed by the lingering cherry taste but found the burn a little strong. It does contain a nice hint of vanilla but overall I found it a little lacking for some reason. Maybe the other, higher end versions have a better quality taste and appeal. Overall, I would enjoy this whisky again. I am being generous with 4 stars under the assumption the other versions of this may make up for the slight lacking of taste and quality. overall, it's not that bad. I still enjoyed drinking it.

  • 2
    3 June 2017

    Light whisky with some touches of smoke and vanilla. Minimum aftertaste and no body. Not a favorite and in this price category there are much better options.

  • 2
    25 February 2017

    A very "soft" whisky and sometimes that's all I want but for the price I want a little more punch. It has it's place but that place is over-priced.

  • 4
    22 February 2017

    Quite nice but a bit overpriced for a Speyside copy with no age statement!

  • 5
    17 February 2017

    awesome whisky at home bar, can beat yamazaki or yoichi

  • 4
    5 January 2017

    Nice to taste something different very nice whisky.

  • 3
    18 April 2016

    It's a light whisky with a nose of light smoke and oak. It has a smooth, creamy mouthfeel with a rather limited taste of spice, vanilla, oak, and cherries. It has a lingering burn, but the flavor falls away quickly. I'm left with a red cherry taste. A decent blend for the price. Better than JW Red but I prefer a blended malt like Monkey Shoulder for the same price range.

  • 5
    28 January 2016

    My new favourite

  • 5
    5 January 2016

    Very easy-to-drink whisky, relaxing and no pressure very suitable to the entry level or women

  • 1
    6 December 2015

    A thin, disappointing whisky that really only has a bouquet of alcohol and some added notes. The whisky has limited mouth-feel and has little or no aftertaste. It's a whisky for making highballs or other cocktails, not for drinking as a whisky in its own right. I'd only buy it for mixing with soft drinks, not for drinking as a dram.