Hennessy Paradis Rare Cognac

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Hennessy Paradis Rare Cognac
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Hennessy Paradis is a cognac of extraordinary purity and finesse, with exceptional depth and elegance. A delightfully smooth, sophisticated digestif.

Hennessy Paradis Rare Cognac Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Producer's Tasting Notes

    Aroma:  The aroma appears complex & very rich with a palate of delicious scents.  It conceals a subtle burst of pepper: spicy notes softened by the floral aroma expressing finesse & elegance.  Several very slight hints of cardamom & cinnamon, aromas of crystallized fruit follow the fragrance of dry roses.  Other more complex fragrances such as touches of honey & truffle or wild rose preserve burst forth in subtle flashes.  A veritable fireworks display for the senses.

    Taste: The spicy & crystallized fruit fragrances invade the palate in a masterly fashion.  This intensity, this strength of taste in the mouth develops slowly, & releases a bouquet of aromas whose complexity & finesse are more difficult to pin down than those sensed by aroma.  Nothing disappears, everything comes forth bit by bit, aromas take their place & organize themselves in a silky harmony with a long-lasting taste on the palate.

    The Style of Paradis Extra: Paradis Extra, heady & sensual as a tuberose, crossed by spicy points or mellowed by fragrant bursts of dried flowers.  Plays its aromatic paradoxes to present itself in successive waves of pleasure

14 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    25 September 2016

    Fantastic. What can I say

  • 5
    2 February 2016


  • 5
    13 February 2015

    Mindblowingly complex with layers upon layers of wonderful palate dancing textures and aromas. leaves you with a satisfying glow and blows any other cognac away.

  • 5
    3 February 2015

    If you love your brandies this is the finest that France can offer quite simply it has the lot nose, length,depth of flavour you name it it''s got it. The jewel in Hennesseys crown!!

  • 5
    4 September 2014

    Paradis is absolutely my favorite. A very close second is remy martin xo. I like the remy xo much beter hennessy xo. Give it a shot. You may be pleasantly surprised.

  • Phil 11 May 2014

    Had this for the first time 2 weeks ago and frankly has ruined any other cognac for me. I Will now have to reduce my drinking to accommodate these prices.

  • Anonymous 8 January 2012

    This product tastes excellent! A stunning array of flavors, simply fireworks in your mouth.

  • saha 25 June 2011

    its good but not that exceptional to be carried away...i find delamin better than this @ the same type of pricing...

  • Kman 30 August 2010

    Simply stunning. Heaven in a bottle. Refined, sensual. Warm open fire on a cold winters night, melting into my cosy chair with some music I love... Although, not Richard Hennessy, but that is another story...

  • JD 9 April 2010

    This is by far my favorite cognac on the market. It is amazing. The taste is a fireworks show for your tongue. It is breathe taking. I usually keep 2 bottles on hand as a I like to take the edge off the day with a glass when I get home. You will not be disappointed.

  • Ambrose 4 February 2010


  • A. Gulati 28 December 2009

    This product is finer than finest . This bottle was gifted to me by a close friend. Not only the bottle was beautiful and attractive ,the product itself was marvelous .I found the cognac excellent.

  • Anonymous 13 October 2009

    Paradis is a taste-altering Cognac. While loads of fabulous artisanal and single estate Cognacs have emerged since the introduction of Paradis in 1979, this Cognac has quietly endured and remained consistently astonishing.

  • Anonymous 5 January 2009

    simply the best