Remy Martin XO Excellence Cognac Jeroboam

300cl / 40%
Remy Martin XO Excellence Cognac Jeroboam
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A jeroboam (3 litre) bottle of sheer class from Remy Martin. A blend of 85% Grande Champagne and 15% Petite Champagne Cognacs, this is delicious and visually extremely impressive.


  • Body
  • Richness
  • Smoke
  • Sweetness


  • Cinnamon Cinnamon
  • Prunes Prunes
  • Orange Orange
  • Hazelnut Hazelnut
  • Honeysuckle Honeysuckle
  • Dried Fruit Dried Fruit

Remy Martin XO Excellence Cognac Jeroboam Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by Billy A

    Nose: Sultanas, vanilla extract, almost-ripe grapes, sponge cake and a hint of rich Pedro Ximénez sherry.

    Palate: Rich and spicy, with cinnamon and cloves. It also has some drying tannins, which tingle along the sides of the tongue, and some cooling menthol notes.

    Finish: Rich, woody and lingering.

  • Producer's Note

    Color: Fiery mahogany

    Fruity notes: ripe fruits of late summer - juicy plums, ripe figs, candied oranges

    Floral notes: heady touches of white flowers such as jasmine and iris

    Oaky notes: freshly grated cinnamon and hazelnuts

    Texture: Velvety

    Finish: Velvety, rich and lingering

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    30 June

    Smell- baby wipes, pine, honeysuckle Body- after the first four it tastes of coffee before that more like a normal cognac Linger- dirty walnut