Wasmund's Barrel Kit

140cl / 62%
Wasmund's Barrel Kit / Rye
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A 'mature your own' kit from the experimenters at Wasmund's. A new charred 2 litre American white oak barrel and two 70cl bottles of their rye spirit to fill it with. The barrel's reuseable (and we recommend that you do) and is perfect for a bit of wood aging for any spirit you want to play with.

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    15 April 2017

    I love it , love the process and the final product , barrel sealed up within one hr then filled it with both bottles , topped it off with spring water, waited two weeks and small taste once weekly, loving it!!

  • Meg 27 February 2013

    Jonathon, I have the single malt version, the leaflet provided tells you to fill it with room temperature water and spray the outside with water until any leaks stop, then empty and fill with the spirit. Hope this helps!

  • TWE Admin 25 January 2013

    Hi Jonathon, we've not been able to get stock of the Rye spirit in the past, but it is something that we are looking to get hold of. If we do manage to get hold of it then it will go straight up on our site.

  • Jonathon Ramsey 25 January 2013

    Thank you Admin for your assistance. There are alot of these so called kits but not of this quality on the dreaded auction site. I have one further question please. Can you tell me if you sell more rye spirit? I cant seem to find it on your site just single malt spirit. I am not sure if thats the same or not.

  • TWE Admin 14 January 2013

    Hi Jonathan, we're sure it can't hurt to rinse the barrel out - as long as you refill it straight away with whatever you're planning to fill it with. If you put water into the barrel and then delay refilling it after emptying the water out you are certain to get mould.

  • Jonathon Ramsey 10 January 2013

    I would like to know if you need to fill it with water like some cheaper kits and leave it for 24 hours or 1 week before filling. Or have they already dont this and you can add your port then whisky after you drink the port as some top manufactures do?