Wasmund's Barrel Kit
Single Malt

140cl / 62%
Wasmund's Barrel Kit / Single Malt
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Customer Rating
A great idea from the folks at Wasmund's - a 2 litre new charred oak cask, two 70cl bottles of their single malt spirit and the challenge of maturing your own 'whisky'. It'll pick up flavour quickly in a barrel this small so it's perfect for experimentation.

Wasmund's Barrel Kit Reviews

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    13 April 2017

    Loved it , strong oak bleed into the whisky fairly quick

  • Anonymous 13 January 2014

    I wonder... it would be very interesting to put this whisky inside, making it first fill, and then wait for a scotch single malt producer to release an unaged spirit like some do from time to time... and then let it rest in this barrel (now refill) for a while...

  • Anonymous 22 January 2013

    if you own a licenced bar and have paid the duty on it (which is a given if you buy it from here) then yes you could sell it in a bar, but as TWE Admin says, this isnt scotch whisky, so can not be marketed as such.

  • TWE Admin 13 November 2012

    It's an American Whiskey so the rules are different on ageing. It'd still be an interesting question to ask the local licensing authority...

  • Anonymous 12 November 2012

    This sounds like a good kit to pick up for home and probably will at some point. But would it be legal to sell in a bar in Scotland? I assume it would at least need to wait 3 years just to be called whisky but unsure if it'd be legal to sell.