Pyrat XO Reserve Rum

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Pyrat XO Reserve Rum
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A very special amber Caribbean blended rum from Anguilla Rums in the West Indies. A real connoisseur's rum, with a sublimely orangey, spicy flavour and nuanced finish.

Caribbean Blend

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    24 May


  • 5
    27 January 2018

    Cannot believe someone rated this a one star! Huge fan of this extra smooth rum. It is the best I have had an in fact a preference over much more expensive Havana rums and Ron Zacapa rums I was lucky enough to get. This is unlike any other rum I have had, it is as smooth as the best and the citrus and other flavour notes are incredible.

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    27 February 2017

    When I read of the "citrus notes" I was thinking it would have a flavour that reminded people of citrus, in the same way that "leather" or "cigar-box" flavours don't actually mean the drink has those things in it. But no, the orange flavour is just that - orange flavouring! And by my tongue, not a touch of natural peel, but a big glug of artificial orange. Same with the sweetness - this has a lot of sugar added to it. So I looked up the company that makes it and it makes sense. They buy rums from all over the place (they don't say where, or what quality), take them to their little factory, blend them, add stuff to it and sell it on. You'd think maybe ?20 tops for ungraded, flavoured rum but put it in a fancy bottle with enough sugar and you can charge more like ?40 and have people raving about it! The whiskey world wouldn't stand for such things but with rum anything goes it would seem. It tastes like your gran's Grand Marnier. In a blind test my wife failed to detect it was rum at all! Of course it's "smooth" or a "sipping rum" because it's a rum based liqueur really. If I happened to like the taste then I'd give it maybe 2 stars but I don't and as a "rum" I can't rate it at all.

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    15 July 2016

    Pyrat XO is probably the most underrated rum available. Pyrat is very, very smooth rum with a hint of peach in it's taste. The bottle is beautiful and the taste is absolutely great. I've had the pleasure of drinking more expensive variants, but I'll always come back to Pyrat XO. It's just very good without being heavy for your wallet.

  • scott 29 March 2013

    Excellent rum with superb packaging - the bottle has the look of one far older than the rum is. The rum itself does have distinct orange notes as per description and is very nice to drink neat.